The Benefits of Taking Wellbutrin for Anxiety

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Anxiety is one of the most common mental disorders worldwide. One in 13 people is struggling with this condition. It can affect anyone, including children and seniors.

If left untreated, this disorder can take a toll on your life and affect your overall health. It alters the way you think as well as your emotions and mental well-being. Yet, over 86 percent of sufferers either use the wrong treatment or don’t seek help at all.

Wellbutrin SR (sustained release) has emerged as one of the most widely used drugs for anxiety and depression. It’s also prescribed to those who wish to quit smoking. This medication is available in tablet form and requires a prescription.

Before you start taking Wellbutrin for anxiety, consult your physician. They can tell whether or not you need this drug and how to relieve your symptoms.

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Anxiety at a Glance

This mental disorder is characterized by an excessive, irrational fear of everyday situations.

Everyone experiences anxiety from time to time, such as before an exam or job interview. However, if you’re constantly living in fear, consider getting medical help.

Anxiety causes feelings of tension as well as physical symptoms that can affect your everyday life. Most sufferers report fatigue, low energy, muscular tension, and poor mental focus. Other common symptoms include:

  • Nausea
  • Vertigo
  • Dizziness
  • Chest pain
  • Dry mouth
  • Headaches
  • Stomach pain
  • Fear and panic
  • Digestive distress
  • Heart palpitations
  • Tremors and chills
  • Frequent urination
  • Shortness of breath
  • High blood pressure
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Irritability and mood swings
  • Difficulty sleeping or falling asleep

When you’re anxious, stress hormone cortisol levels increase and your body enters the fight-or-flight mode. This triggers mental and physical symptoms, such as excessive sweating and feelings of dread.

Most people experience these issues during times of stress, which is perfectly normal. Anxiety sufferers, on the other hand, struggle with them on a daily basis. This can affect their personal, social, and professional lives.

Medical professionals don’t fully understand what causes anxiety. Some believe that past traumatic experiences may trigger this disorder. Others say genetics may play a role too.

Sometimes, anxiety may indicate an underlying condition, such as depression or obsessive-compulsive disorder. For this reason, it’s important to consult a doctor. He can make the right diagnosis and recommend an appropriate treatment.

Does Wellbutrin Help with Anxiety?

Wellbutrin is the brand name for Bupropion, a prescription drug used in the treatment of depression. It’s the only antidepressant that acts on the neurotransmitters dopamine and norepinephrine. Other similar products work by increasing serotonin levels.

Due to its unique mechanism of action, this drug is safer and less likely to cause side effects. Compared to other antidepressants, it doesn’t cause sexual dysfunction or weight gain.

More and more people are taking Wellbutrin for anxiety. Even though this medication hasn’t been studied as an anxiety treatment, it can help.

Sometimes, anxiety is a symptom of depression. Since Wellbutrin relieves depressive symptoms, it may reduce anxiety as well. This prescription drug is just as effective as Prozac and Zoloft, but safer.

How Does Wellbutrin Work?

Wellbutrin works by balancing the neurotransmitters in your brain. It lifts your mood and causes feelings of well-being while relieving anxiety. Additionally, it’s FDA approved for treating depression.

Even though this drug isn’t designed for anxiety relief, it might be beneficial. Anxiety affects your mood and emotional health. Wellbutrin induces feelings of calmness and restores your emotional balance.

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When you’re stressed or anxious, your brain produces certain chemicals that increase alertness. These include cortisol and norepinephrine.

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Wellbutrin further raises norepinephrine levels, which may exacerbate anxiety. However, it also elevates dopamine production, leading to a better mood and mental well-being. To stay safe, use it in small doses and don’t go overboard.

A high dosage can make your anxiety worse. You may also experience headaches, blurred vision, vomiting, nausea, and joint pain. In rare cases, the drug may trigger seizures and suicidal thoughts.

Since this medication raises norepinephrine levels, it works best for anxious depression. It’s rarely prescribed as a standalone treatment for anxiety.

How to Take Wellbutrin

The appropriate dosage depends on your medical condition and individual needs. If you’re taking Wellbutrin for anxiety, stick to low doses.

A single dose shouldn’t exceed 150 milligrams. To avoid any adverse reactions, don’t use more than 450 milligrams per day. The higher the dose, the higher your risk of experiencing side effects.

With a few exceptions, this medication is safe for most people. It’s not recommended to those with seizures and eating disorders. Also, if you have just stopped taking sedatives or seizure medications, don’t take Wellbutrin right away.

Bupropion can interact with other medications, such as:

  • Zyban
  • Xanax
  • Valium
  • Klonopin
  • MAO inhibitors

Don’t use this drug if you have used MAO inhibitors over the past two weeks. If you’ve never used antidepressants before, your symptoms might get worse. However, they will subside as soon as your body adapts.

Wellbutrin may affect your sleep, so don’t take it before bedtime. If you have a sleep disorder, let your doctor know about it. They will determine whether or not Wellbutrin is safe for you.

This medication takes about four or more weeks to work. Therefore, it’s important to be patient and monitor your symptoms closely. Don’t stop taking this drug without consulting your physician.

In rare cases, Wellbutrin may cause adverse effects. Some people experience chest pain, dizziness, constipation, nausea, and increased sweating. You may also notice changes in the way food tastes.

Other potential side effects include drowsiness, weight loss, restlessness, and rapid heartbeat. Women may experience changes in their menstrual cycle. However, these symptoms are unlikely to occur if you stick to the recommended dose.

Should You Take Wellbutrin for Anxiety?

Depending on the dosage, Wellbutrin can either relieve anxiety or make it worse. Your doctor is the only one who can tell if this medication is right for you.

Most people who take Wellbutrin for anxiety experience feelings of well-being. This drug can also help with major depression, smoking cessation, and mood disorders. It’s often prescribed in the treatment of ADHD and binge eating as well.

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  • I’ve been taking Wellbutrin xr for over 20 yrs. i maybe went off of it 2-3 times only temporarily.
    Most people experiencing a bout of depression take the drug until the depression is lifted.
    But in my case, I will be taking it indefinitely. My diagnosis of major depressive disorder w/ psychotic features had crippled me many times until I found the medication. I discussed with my Dr and he said my depression is cyclical/so it offers somewhat of an assurance to keep it at bay. It’s been a life changer for me.
    *i would like to add- Ive been a smoker for decades. I cut down some but still smoke and still have the cravings

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