11 Surprising Reasons Why You Should Drink Water Stored In Copper Vessels

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Want to experience better health? According to new research, drinking water that has been sitting in a copper vessel may do just the trick!

To make sure that the water provides the full benefits, it should be left in the copper pot for at least eight hours; you can put your water in before bed and wake up to a healthy treat in the morning.

11 Benefits of Drinking Water in Copper Vessel

How does this water make you healthier? We’ve put together a list of 11 amazing health benefits of drinking water in copper vessels that you need to know:

1.) Faster Healing

When you experience a cut or scrape, water stored in a copper vessel may help you by speeding up the healing process. Full of properties that fight bacteria, viruses, and inflammation, copper can prevent infection while also promoting healing. If you want to avoid being sick, copper is also the remedy by providing a boost to the immune system.

2.) Kick Cancer’s Butt

Copper is full of antioxidants that will knock out the free radicals that help cancer cells grow, and copper will also heal any negative effects they might have had on your body. While researchers still aren’t certain, some people believe that copper also contains properties that fight cancer itself.

3.) Relief for Arthritis

If you’re suffering from arthritis, copper can provide some great relief by fighting inflammation, strengthening bones, and making your immune system better able to fight off the condition.

4.) Stay Heart-Healthy

Drinking water from a copper vessel can help your heart stay healthy since copper regulates heart rate, blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels. Copper can also improve your blood circulation and keep plaque from clogging your arteries.

5.) Improves Skin Tone

Drinking water from a copper vessel can improve the color in your skin, eyes, and hair by increasing your melanin levels. When you have high levels of melanin, you have greater protection from the effects of the sun and also heal faster when wounded.

6.) Stabilizes the Thyroid

In a world where thyroid problems are common, studies have shown that most of those suffering from this condition have low levels of copper. When you drink water from a copper vessel, you’re going to be giving your thyroid the regulation it needs to function properly.

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7.) Get Your Gut in Shape

This time we’re not talking about loosing weight – instead, we’re focusing on the internal workings of your stomach. When you consume copper, it can aid in your digestive tract by regulating your stomach’s contractions, killing internal bacteria, and doing away with ulcers and infections. A great result you may notice is that copper does away with acidity and gas!

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8.) Kiss Wrinkles Goodbye

Water that has been stored in a copper vessel contains a large amount of antioxidants which play a major role in warding off wrinkles and age lines. Antioxidants can also replace dead skin cells and promote new skin growth. Your skin will thank you with every sip!

9.) Boost Your Iron Levels

Iron is necessary to keep oxygen flowing throughout your body in your blood stream and to prevent anemia. Copper has the ability to help your blood cells form, and also helps them to absorb the iron your body needs.

10.) Keep Your Brain Active

Thanks to copper’s ability to create phospholipids, if you drink water from a copper vessel, you can expect your brain to start functioning better. Brains whose neurons are well-covered by a myelin sheath (which phospholipids help form) operate faster and more efficiently.

11.) Shed Unwanted Pounds

Want an easier way to lose weight than counting calories and watching what you eat? While you may not see immediate results, water that’s been stored in a copper vessel has been shown to aid in weight-loss. Copper can work to restore your body’s digestive system, while also promoting your body’s natural ability to quickly and effectively reduce fat. How can you ignore these eleven great benefits? Now, go fill your copper vessel up with water and start enjoying better health today!

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  • Benefits of drinking water should be known and apply in our lives which is an essential part of the human life. Research showed that optimal hydration reduces the risk of stroke, manages diabetes and guard against many kinds of cancers.

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