Want to “get high to fly”? Don’t come to eDrugSearch.com

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From Brian Skoloff of the Associated Press:

A 4-foot-tall, overweight, alcoholic, heroin-addicted airline pilot placed an order on a Web site for steroids, Ritalin and methadone, noting in the online questionnaire that he wanted “to get high to fly.” Two days later, the package arrived.

Unfortunately for Dr. David Stephenson, who ran the site from his home near Syracuse, the “pilot” was actually a New York state investigator looking to see just how difficult it was to buy controlled substances online without ever seeing a physician, a crime in that state and several others.

These sham “pharmacies” are the primary reason we started eDrugSearch.com — to help consumers find a safe place where they can be sure that all participating pharmacies have been prescreened for proper licensing.

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If you want to get high to fly, fly somewhere else.

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