New Comparison Shows Walgreens Prescription Prices 1000% More Expensive

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If you have one or more prescriptions for medications, it’s not only smart but necessary to be a good comparison shopper in order to find the most affordable prices for your drugs.

Many Americans find they can save money by using, where they can locate many of the medications they rely on at savings up to 90%. This same online site also provides instant money-saving coupons that can bring down the monthly cost of your prescription medications like never before.

The editor of an Arkansas newspaper, recently discovered something shocking about Walgreens prescription prices. It isn’t only the big pharmaceutical companies who are gouging Americans when it comes to the price of their medications—local pharmacy chains are in on the action too.

Walgreens Prescription Prices Sticker Shock

Garrick Feldman, chief editor of the Arkansas Leader, had a simple mission. Find the best price for a prescription for Ofloxacin Otic that a local urgent care has given his wife to clear up an ear infection.

Since the Feldman family previously had their prescriptions filled at their local Walgreens pharmacy, he headed in that direction to pick up the necessary prescription.

That’s when Walgreens prescription prices sticker shock struck! One tiny liquid solution of ear drops cost an astounding $260. Feldman said he would return when he discovered he had forgotten his wallet.

Comparison Shopping Pays

Feldman decided not to accept the high price demanded at his usual Walgreens. He made a quick call to the local Walmart pharmacy.

Much to his surprise, the Walmart pharmacist quoted him a price of $120 for the exact same medication, a full 50% savings over what he would have been charged at Walgreens.

But Feldman didn’t stop there. He continued calling around to local pharmacies to find the best price on Ofloxacin Otic.

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Feldman ultimately filled his wife’s ear medication prescription for only $23. Another pharmacy quoted him a rock-bottom rate of only $6 but they were out of their Ofloxacin Otic supply.

The troubling question is, why was Walgreens charging 1000% more for the same medication that Feldman obtained elsewhere at a very reasonable cost?

A spokesman for Walgreens tried to pin the blame on the differences among what health insurance policies would cover. But all the prices quoted to Feldman during his search were cash prices, without any insurance pay out.

Big Pharma vs. Drug Store Chains

Pharmaceutical companies, or “Big Pharma“, set arbitrary prices on a wide spectrum of prescription medication and are considered the main reason drug prices in America are sky high.

But now there is another proven suspect in high drug prices, and that’s “Big Pharmacy”, retail chains such as Walgreens, CVS and Walmart, putting greed above consumer good.

Why Shopping Online Makes Sense

Free websites like can prove invaluable in helping you safely order your medications online instead of heading off to your local chain drugstore, only to find out that their greed is quickly taking you to the poorhouse.

Be a smart consumer and always compare prices first, from reputable licensed online pharmacies.

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One thought on “New Comparison Shows Walgreens Prescription Prices 1000% More Expensive

  • I too had to start researching drug prices after Wal-Mart in their unfounded wisdom decided to fire many of their employees 60+ and older. I was left with no prescription insurance and 12+ prescriptions that needed filling. Wal-Mart’s prices were the worst in my area. CVS recommended I get a GOOD-RX card . What a blessing that was! Even with the card I still couldn’t afford Wal-Mart or Walgreens.

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