7 Genius Reasons to Add White Vinegar to Your Laundry

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If you’re like most people, when you think of white vinegar, you probably envision something that you use to cook the occasional pie or dish.

While white vinegar is a common ingredient in some of our favorite meals, its benefits don’t have to end in the kitchen! White vinegar is also a fantastic cleaning product that can help you keep your house squeaky clean.

Today we’re going to talk about the benefits of using white vinegar in laundry.

1.) Kick Stains Out

Forget trying to find chemicals that will remove stains without taking the color out of your clothes. If you’re fighting stains, fill a spray bottle up with white vinegar and then set to work spraying the new stains on your clothes.

If the stains are older, alternate between spraying and then blotting the area with a cloth; once the stain has faded, it’s ready for the washer.

2.) Tell Bleach Goodbye

Bleach is a scary chemical that, if use incorrectly, can destroy your clothes. Thankfully, bleach isn’t the only method of sanitizing clothes – white vinegar also has the power to remove bacteria and germs if you add one or two cups to your load of laundry.

3.) Keep Your Colors Bright

Over time, the color of clothing bleeds, leaving clothes looking faded. To keep your colors as bright as when they come off the shelves of the store, add a cup of white vinegar at the beginning of your wash cycle. The vinegar works to keep your clothes looking fresh and new!

4.) Take Out Unpleasant Odors

Whether you’re working in the sun, exercising, or playing sports, clothes can become stinky fast and regular detergent is not always a match for the smell. To remove bad odors from clothes, simply put one or two cups of vinegar in the wash, or pre-soak the clothing in vinegar before putting it in the machine.

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5.) Make Your Whites Even Whiter

White clothing doesn’t always fare well. Generally speaking, we stain our whites with different kinds of food, drinks, and blood, not to mention the residue that is left behind from detergent. To keep your whites a stunningly bright color, always add one to two cups of white vinegar to the washing machine. If your clothes have already seen the effects of stains and residue, you can soak each item overnight in a mixture of five cups water and two cups vinegar.

6.) Keeps Your Clothes Downy Soft

Forget buying expensive fabric softeners; when you opt to use white vinegar in your laundry, you can expect your clothes to stay as soft and welcoming as the first day you wore them. To keep your laundry snuggly soft, just add one cup of white vinegar to your rinse dispenser.

7.) Give Your Laundry Machine a Good Disinfectant

Laundry machines have a hard life and, given time, they become filthy. To keep your machine clean, fill it with five cups of vinegar and then run the washer empty. Once its done, your washer will be cleaner, disinfected, and mold-free.

White vinegar is for more than just cooking. Start using it in your laundry today – your clothes will thank you!

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vinegar in laundry

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vinegar in laundry

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