101 Uses of Coconut Oil That Will Change Your Life

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Extra-virgin organic coconut oil is truly a gift from God.

Among it’s many wonderful properties, it is antiviral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.

The lauric acid in coconut milk provides many unexpected health benefits of coconut oil that can help treat the flu, cure blisters, and treat HPV, AIDS, bronchitis, candida, ringworm and many intestinal infections.

The #LauricAcid in #Coconut milk provides many unexpected #health benefits of #CoconutOil that can help treat the #flu, cure #blisters, and treat #HPV, #AIDS, #bronchitis, #candida, #ringworm and many intestinal infections. Click To Tweet

Basically, it is God’s best medicine.

Coconut is 90 percent fat, but it’s that fat that makes it such a powerful weapon for health.

Coconut oil is made up of medium-chain fatty acids, called triglycerides.

The body doesn’t store up these fats like it does with others; instead, triglycerides go to the liver, where they are converted into immediate energy to help you function better.

Coconut oil is good for you in so many ways, and it is also really handy for many reasons.

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Here are 101 benefits and uses of coconut oil.

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Benefits of Coconut Oil

1. Aids in body’s digestion of food
2. Fights gut infections
3. Boosts the immune system
4. Soothes symptoms of arthritis
5. Speeds recovery from the flu or a cold
6. Soothes a sore throat
7. Treats cold sores
8. Alleviates allergy symptoms
9. Heals ear infections
10. Fights yeast infections
11. Heals minor cuts and scrapes
12. Reduces risk of infection in open wounds
13. Eases hemorrhoid pain.
14. Improves sleep
15. Decreases anxiety and stress
16. Increases mental function
17. Enhances focus
18. Increases energy
19. Slows the progression of Alzheimer’s disease
20. Supports the natural production of hormone
21. Supports weight loss
22. Increases HDL cholesterol (the good kind)
23. Improves tolerance to glucose
24. Reduces body fat
25. Maintains healthy insulin levels
26. Increases the body’s absorption of calcium
27. Increase the body’s absorption of magnesium
28. Increases blood circulation
29. Reduces gingivitis
30. Whitens teeth
31. Reduces signs of aging
32. Treats eczema
33. Cures skin infections
34. Moisturizes skin
35. Reduces visibility of wrinkles
36. Decreases appearance of cellulite
37. Reduces appearance of varicose veins
38. Clears acne
39. Softens skin
40. Protects against chlorine exposure from pools
41. Heals sunburns
42. Soothes itches and irritations from bug bites
43. Heals dry, cracked lips
44. Strengthens nails
45. Heals dry, flaky elbows and heels
46. Nourishes hair
47. Stimulates hair growth
48. Prevents hair from frizzing
49. Treats dandruff
50. Kills lice

Uses of Coconut Oil

51. Replace butter with it in cooking
52. Put it in your coffee, instead of cream
53. Blend it into smoothies
54. Season and protect cast-iron skillets
55. Get a natural energy boost by mixing it with a tablespoon of chia seeds
56. Make your own lip balm
57. Rub into cuticles for healthier nails
58. Facial moisturizer
59. Facial cleanser
60. Eye makeup remover
61. Spot acne treatment
62. Make a wrinkle-reducing mask by mixing with egg-whites and whole milk
63. All-over Body moisturizer
64. Cream to soothe itching from bites or rashes
65. Reduce skin inflammation caused by psoriasis
66. Cellulite cream
67. Lighten age spots
68. Use as a natural deodorant
69. Make your own soap
72. Rub it on as sunscreen sunscreen
73. Use it as a natural lubricant
74. Replace it for your shaving cream
75. Dab on as after-shave lotion
76. Rub on for a natural tanning oil
77. Rub onto dry, cracked feet
78. Use as a natural hair conditioner
79. Treat lice by mixing coconut oil with apple cider vinegar to treat lice
80. Use Coconut pulling for better oral health
81. Mix with baking soda for homemade whitening toothpaste
82. Take a tablespoon in the morning for a quick boost of energy
83. Take a tablespoon a day to boost mood and decrease anxiety
84. Take a tablespoon before bed to aid sleep
85. Massage onto feet to warm them
86. Make a massage oil by mixing with essential oils
87. When pregnant, ingest it to improve fetus health
88. Prevent stretch marks during pregnancy by rubbing on as a cream
89. New mothers can ingest to increase milk supply
90. Rub onto perineum to help heal after birth
91. Protect baby’s head by rubbing under a cradle cap
92. As a natural Baby lotion
93. As a natural diaper cream
94. Make your own laundry soap
95. Treat and protect mild cuts and scrapes
96. Make your own bug repellent
97. Rub inside the nostrils to relieve allergy symptoms
98. Make your own vapor rub to ease breathing
99. Heal your pet’s skin conditions
100. Add flavor and healthy fat to tons of great recipes
101. Rub onto ends of hair to protect from splitting

Here’s my favorite extra-virgin organic coconut oil that I use:

Which uses of coconut oil worked best for you?

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Uses of Coconut Oil

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