Genius Uses for Vaseline That Will Make Your Life Easier

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Vaseline is one of the oldest products in America. It has been selling in the US since 1872.

In 1859, Robert Chesebrough learned of a substance called “rod wax” that oil drillers had to periodically remove from their pumps.

They used the rod wax to heal cuts, burns and scrapes, and that healing power is what Chesebrough used to create the now-famous Vaseline.

Vaseline is made from petroleum that is purified three times first by distillation, then by de-aeration and finally by filtration.

The final product is called petroleum jelly. It is hypo-allergenic and non-irritating.

Vaseline accelerates healing by locking in moisture inside the skin cells, which quickens the recovery of dry and damaged skin.

Most people are well aware of the moisturizing capabilities of Vaseline, but that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all the various uses for Vaseline.

Most people are well aware of the #moisturizing capabilities of #Vaseline, but that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all the various uses for Vaseline. #HomeRemedies #LikeHacks Click To Tweet

Since it came on the market, people have constantly been coming up with new ways to use Vaseline.

12 Uses for Vaseline That Will Amaze You

These 12 unique ways that you can use petroleum jelly will may send you rushing to the store to load up on Vaseline.

1. Hair Care

The same article from All of You shows that Vaseline is a wonder treatment for your hair.

You can use petroleum jelly to groom your eyebrows, fight frizz, tame flyaway strands and repair split ends.

2. DIY Body Scrub

You can make a DIY body scrub by mixing Vaseline and kosher salt.

Allure also recommends that readers scrub their lips with Vaseline and sugar to make them smooth before applying lipstick.

3. Insect Repellent

For an all-purpose bug repellent, Knoji recommends that you rub your open skin with Vaseline before you head into the woods.

A coating of petroleum jelly over your skin will keep mosquitoes, flies and gnats at bay.

4. Unstick a Zipper

If you have ever been frustrated by the humble zipper, you know how infuriating it can be when it gets stuck.

Fortunately, you can easy get a stuck zipper unstuck again by slathering it with Vaseline, according to Mindly.

5. Fix Squeaky Hinges

If you have a door that creaks like ghosts in a graveyard, then you can use a hack from The Family Handyman to fix them.

Simply remove the door pins and coat them in Vaseline. Put the pins back in the pin slots, and then top each pin slot with a dab of Vaseline for whisper-quiet doors.

6. Get a Better Paint Job

One of the most irritating things about painting is worrying about getting paint where you don’t want it to go.

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There are some things like hinges, keyholes and hardware that you can’t easily protect by taping.

Refunk My Junk offers a great hack for this problem. For any metal that is in the path of your paint job, you can keep it protected by coating it with Vaseline before you begin painting.

7. Remove Makeup Stains

If you ever get pestered by makeup stains on your shirt collar, you can use a Vaseline tip from Knoji to remove them.

Dip a washcloth into Vaseline to remove makeup stains from clothing, pillows, blankets and sheets.

8. Great for Painting Nails

According to Byrdie, you can give yourself a professional manicure job at home by using a cotton swab to apply Vaseline to your cuticles.

This will keep the nail polish perfectly on your nails and off your skin.

9. Get Watermarks off Your Wood

If you have ever despaired when some careless person has left a beverage to make a ring mark on your wooden furniture, you can easily remove it with a tip from Apartment Therapy.

Apply a layer of Vaseline to watermarks and leave it on overnight.

When you wipe away the Vaseline the next morning, you will be amazed to see that the watermarks have disappeared with the magic of petroleum jelly.

10. Prolong the Life of Your Perfume

When you are putting on your perfume, you should first place a dab of Vaseline on all the spots you plan to spray it. says that this simple tip will ensures that your fragrance will last throughout an entire day.

11. Fix Your Scratched Phone Screen

You can save a lot of money on phone repairs by using Wikihow’s article to fix your scratched phone screen by gently wiping Vaseline on it and wiping off the excess.

Vaseline has the same density as an LCD screen, which is why this simple fix works so well.

12. Make Your Scuffed Leather Shoes Look Brand-New

Harper’s Bazaar offers readers a fantastic tip they can use to fix scuff marks on patent leather shoes.

All you need to do is dip a cotton ball in Vaseline and rub it on the scuff marks. Like magic, the patent leather shoes will look as good as the day you bought them.

The many uses of Vaseline show why this wonder product has been on the market for so long.

For even more uses for petroleum jelly, check out this YouTube video that shows:

50 More Things You Can Do With Vaseline

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