12 Surprising Uses for Old Pill Bottles, #7 Is Genius!

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Did you know there were so many uses for old pill bottles? Don’t let your left over pill bottles from your blood pressure mediation pile up. Instead of tossing them out, try giving them a purpose and reuse them to make your life a little less complex.

Apart from the bright orange color that makes them easy to spot, these tiny bottles are waterproof and kid proof. Can you start to imagine where this is going?

So STOP throwing away your empty pill bottles! Check out these amazing uses for old pill bottles will help you organize your life in ways you won’t believe!

12 Surprising Uses for Old Pill Bottles

After you’ve finished reading the list below, you’ll start wishing you had tried these tricks and tips sooner!

1.) Matchbox

pill bottle match box

You can make your matchbox by filling up the pill bottle with matchsticks and attaching a strike surface on the outside, or make the strike face outwards inside the bottle. That would be more like a match-cylinder. The Crafty Librarian says it is the best way to make a kid proof and waterproof container for the matches. If you are out camping this is ideal to have.

2.) A Love Rx

love prescription - candy filled pill bottle

To show someone how you feel or to cheer them up you can creatively use a pill bottle. See how Cook Bake and Decorate made their super cute “Prescription for Love”.

3.) Hide-A-Key

hide your key in pill bottle

If you want a place to conceal your key where burglars can’t find it, just glue a rock on the lid of the pill bottle and then place it in your flower bed or under your favorite tree for safe keeping.

4.) Makeup Holder

pill bottle makeup holder

Laura Thoughts recommends using decorated pill bottles to store all your makeup brushes. You can paint the tiny bottle with exciting colors and turn it into an inexpensive makeup kit. You can get creative by sticking it up on a board using a nail, gluing magnets to the back or by looping a piece of thread to hang it.

5.) DIY Survival Kit

pill bottle survival kit

Are you good at planning for emergencies? The pill bottle can be a useful survival kit that you can keep in your purse, the office desk or in the gym bag. Survival at Home shows you how to fill your empty pill bottle, from bandaids to buttons—everything you need in times of trouble!

6.) Purse Trash Can

pill bottle purse trash can

Organizing Homelife shows you how a well decorated pill bottle can be converted into a purse trash can for collecting wrappers, old receipts and any other tit bits ladies like to haul around in their purses. It is an easier way of organizing the mess in your purse.

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7.) Nail Polish Remover

pill bottle nail polish remover

Quick and Dirty Tips recommends filling a pill bottle with cotton balls and remover will help you to get the paint off you nails. Of course nowadays you can buy the expensive pods for removing nail polish. However, this pill bottle hack will cost you nothing.

8.) Small Jewelry Holder

 jewelry holder pill bottle

When you are traveling, iHeart Organizing shows you how to make an adorable small jewelry for your tote. This will make it easier for you to find your jewelry pieces if they are in a small pill bottle instead of having them scattered in your bag. The orange bottle will be easy to spot and look super cute.

9.) Earphones Container

 pill bottle earphones container

Untangling earbuds can be annoying. It seems they can get in a tangled mess in no time. To fix this annoying problem, simply roll them up and place them in a pill bottle.

10.) Center Pull for Your Yarn

pill bottle center pull for yarn

I Always Pick the Thimble suggests sticking the beginning of the yarn inside a pill bottle and capping it, you can get your yarn going without paying a penny. The gap you need will be naturally formed in the process.

11.) Pin Sewing Kit or Pin Cushion

Pill Bottle Pin Cushion Sewing Kit

Tuscan Rose recommends creating a portable sewing kit or custom pill bottle pin cushion. A few extra buttons and a needle stashed in a pill bottle will come in handy when you get a tear on your dress or if a button falls off unexpectedly.

12.) Travel Size Bottles for the Shower

travel size bottles for shower

Instead of going out to buy containers for body wash, conditioner and shampoo, you can fill up all your old pill bottles with your favorite showering supplies. The Beauty Blog says it is easy to use, safe, convenient and will cost you next to nothing!

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