15 Surprising Uses for Coca-Cola: Proof It Doesn’t Belong in Your Body

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Did you know Coca-Cola is the most recognized brand in the world! So it’s no surprise that people have found a ton of alternative uses for Coca Cola that you probably don’t know.

With a single can of Coca-Cola containing 91/2 teaspoons of sugar and Diet Coke containing aspartame, not drinking this sugary soda isn’t a bad idea.

Top Uses for Coca-Cola

Here’s a list of the craziest alternative uses for Coca Cola we’ve discovered:

1.) Removing Rust

Apart from being one of the components found in Coca-Cola, citric acid dissolves rust quickly.

According to Clean My Space, you should soak your rust-covered items in Coca-Cola for not less than 24 hours before you rinse them with water and then use a clean piece of cloth to wipe clean.

2.) Cleaning Silver

Remedies and Herbs says, Coca-Cola helps to loosen the dirt and grime that accumulates on items made of silver. All you need to do is soak your tarnished silver in Coca-Cola for a few minutes before you rinse and wipe it clean.

3.) Removing Gum

Although having gum in your hair or on the sole of your shoe is common, how to remove the gum might not be known to many. Collective Evolution, recommends dabbing a little Coca-Cola around the stuck gum and let it soak for some minutes before you wipe it off.

4.) Stripping Paint

According to Collective Evolution, if you want to repaint your metal furniture, you only need to soak a towel in Coca-Cola before you lay it on the painted surface to remove the old layer of paint. The paint will start to peel off after a few minutes.

5.) Cleaning Copper

Remedies and Herbs recommends to polish your items made of copper using a piece of cloth dipped in Coca-Cola. The acid contained in this liquid dissolves tarnish immediately.

6.) Polishing Chrome

According to Collective Evolution, you can use aluminum foil and Coca-Cola to clean your chrome wheels whenever they need upgrading.

7.) Cleaning Oil Spills

Clean My Space recommends pouring Coca-Cola on oil spills and using a hose to rinse away the soda after letting it soak in for several hours.

8.) Cleaning Tile Grouts

Although you probably think the color of Coca-Cola will stain your floor, Collective Evolution recommends using this liquid to clean tile grouts.

All you need to do is pour a little Coca-Cola on your floor and allow it to soak in for several minutes before you use a paper towel or piece of cloth to wipe it up.

9.) Cleaning Greasy Stains

If your clothes happen to full of greasy stains, all you need to do is mix in a can of Coca-Cola with the same amount and type of washing detergent you usually use.

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According to Clean My Space, this method is effective in the removal of asphalt, grease, and creosote stains. Remedies and Herbs add that the technique is also good for the removal of blood stains.

10.) Cleaning Your Toilet Bowl

You can find a complete guide on how to clean your toilet bowl with Coca-Cola by visiting WikiHow.

All you may have to do is pour one can of Coca-Cola over every stain and around the toilet bowl’s rim, and then allow it to sit for at least an hour before you flush the toilet. If necessary, repeat until every stain disappears.

11.) Descaling an electric kettle

According to Remedies and Herbs, using an electric kettle to boil Coca-Cola for a few minutes works to descale the kettle. However, you need to scrub and rinse the kettle before you can use it again.

12.) Cleaning burnt cooking pans

According to Collective Evolution, you can wash the stubborn stains off your grease-burnt pan by soaking it in Coca-Cola.

13.) Cleaning the Battery of a Car

Sometimes your car won’t start because of corrosion. Fortunately, you can remove this buildup using Coca-Cola.

According to Clean My Space, all you need to do is pour a can of Coca-Cola directly onto the battery’s connection terminals. Remember, you should not do this unless the vehicle is turned off.

14.) Cleaning Kitchen Countertops

According to Remedies and Herbs, you can use a piece of cloth dampened with Coca-Cola to clean your kitchen countertop quickly and effectively.

15.) Removing the Foul Smell of a Skunk

According to Clean My Space, using Coca-Cola to shower removes the smell of a skunk better than tomato sauce. Make sure the Coca-Cola has had enough time to sink into your hair and skin before you rinse it off.

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