11 Genius Uses for Baby Powder You Never Knew About

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Did you know there are many other alternative uses for baby powder you might not be aware of? Baby powder is a talcum powder most commonly used as a deodorant and to prevent diaper rash in babies.

Despite its name, though, baby powder isn’t just for babies.

There are actually many adult uses for baby powder that will have you stocking up on this common item.

Below are 11 surprising uses for baby powder:

1.) Deodorant

According to Popsugar, you can replace your deodorant with baby powder.

Not only will the powder absorb sweat, it will keep you smelling fresh.

You can also use baby powder to make your shoes smell better.

Fill your shoes with baby powder, and allow them to sit overnight. In the morning, dump the powder out.

2.) Ant Repellent

According to Popsugar, ants hate the smell of baby powder.

Sprinkle some baby powder around your windows and doors to keep ants from coming into your home.

3.) Dry Shampoo

If you don’t have time to wash your hair and don’t have a bottle of dry shampoo on hand, baby powder and baking soda make a good dry shampoo.

DIY & Crafts recommends mixing one-fourth cup baby powder with one-fourth cup baking soda to make a dry shampoo. Massage the mixture into your scalp.

Wait a few minutes before you come it through your hair completely. The site warns not to use this dry shampoo regularly because regular use of baking soda in your hair can lead to breakage.

4.) Sand Remover

A day at the beach is great fun, but that doesn’t mean you want to bring the beach home with you.

Life as Mama recommends putting baby powder on your feet and any other parts of your body with sand on them.

This will make the sand easier to wipe off.

5.) Cool Your Sheets

It can be hard to sleep on hot summer nights.

Reader’s Digest recommends sprinkling baby powder on your sheets before you go to bed to cool them off.

The baby powder will also absorb sweat so that you don’t wake up drenched.

6.) Flower Protector

Tips Bulletin suggests sprinkling baby powder onto your flower bulbs before you plant them to help prevent issues like rot.

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The baby powder also works as a natural pesticide, keeping many pests away from your flowers.

7.) Jewelry Detangler

You’ve probably gotten your necklaces in knots before. They are incredibly frustrating and nearly impossible to untangle.

However, Life as Mama has the trick to help you untangle necklace knots. Just sprinkle a little baby powder onto the knot.

This helps loosen up the knot so that you can untangle your necklace more easily.

8.) Remove Grease Stains

Removing grease stains can be frustrating.

Tips Bulletin suggests sprinkling baby powder onto the grease stain and using a cotton ball to dab the stain out.

For best results, use this method as soon as you get a grease stain.

Even if you don’t have a baby in your home, keeping baby powder on hand is a great idea, as it has many uses.

9.) Rubber Glove Lubricant

Do you use rubber gloves for washing the dishes, gardening, or cleaning?

Fabulously Frugal suggests coating your hands with baby powder to help your rubber gloves slide right on.

10.) Make Waxing Less Painful

Waxing is the ideal method for hair removal, as it lasts longer than shaving.

However, waxing can be quite painful. Tips Bulletin recommends putting baby powder on your skin before you apply the wax to it.

The baby powder will absorb moisture and help the wax adhere to your skin better.

The powder will also reduce the skin irritation that can be caused by waxing.

11.) Refresh Your Playing Cards

Card games are a lot of fun, but your cards can look and feel dingy with regular use.

DIY & Crafts recommends putting your playing cards into a plastic bag with baby powder.

Shake the bag a few times. When you take the cards out, they should feel fresh and smooth.

Do you know of more uses for baby powder?

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