Here’s 7 Surprising All-Purpose Uses for Aspirin That You Need to Discover!

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Aspirin is an inexpensive pain killer that is commonly used for treating mild headaches and body aches.

It is readily found for sale in almost every store, gas station, and supermarket, which makes it convenient to grab on-the-go.

While it has been safely used for many years, what some people might not know is that it can be used in many other innovational ways besides pain relief.

7 Versatile Uses for Aspirin

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1.)  Eliminate Acne

Salicylic acid is the main ingredient found in aspirin; that’s actually it’s generic name.

This is also one of the topical ingredients used for acne treatment.

All you do is crush a pill of aspirin and add a little water until you create a paste.

Then apply the aspirin paste to a pimple and wait a few minutes.

Rinse it off without rubbing to much and you should notice that your pimple has reduced in size and redness.

2.) Keep Skin Clear

Everyday Health says that aspirin helps facial skin in the same way that it does with the scalp.

Dissolve several of the tablets in a small cup of water. Use a cotton ball to apply the mixture directly to the skin.

Keep it on while you soak in your bath. Then, rinse it off.

Some people like to add a squirt of honey in with the aspirin and water because it increases moisture to the skin and has antibacterial properties, which make it helpful for healing acne.

3.) Dry Wall Repair

You can save a few dollars (and a trip to Home Depot) by fixing small holes in your drywall with this simple hack.

All you do is crush up about 10 aspirin, mix it with a little water until it becomes a paste, and then apply it…that’s it!

Uses for Aspirin

4.) End Flaky Scalps

Crush a few aspirins up finely, and then, dissolve them into a handful of shampoo.

Apply the mixture directly to the hair as you normally would, but let it sit for a few minutes first before you rinse it off.

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The salicylic acid that is in it will make contact with the scalp, which, according to Everyday Health, will calm any redness, itching, and dandruff that a person is suffering with.

Aspirin is a great moisturizer, so there is often no need to use conditioner after this treatment.

4.) Wipe Out Stains Fast

Workouts and hot summer days can cause excessive perspiration that stains light-colored clothing.

These stains are not easy to get out with a regular cycle in the washing machine though.

So, Instructables says to apply a stain pre-treater made of a paste of aspirin and water to the spots beforehand.

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Scrub it in well. Then, launder as usual.

Heavily stained clothing may need to be soaked with the paste for 10 minutes or longer before it is washed.

This aspirin pre-treater works effectively on blood and dried egg stains too.

5.) Avoid Being Stranded

According to Reader’s Digest, you should always keep a bottle of aspirins in your car.

The salicylic acid that is in them can chemically react with the sulfuric acid that car batteries are filled with.

This will give you just enough of a boost in power to start your car if the battery dies on you.

Be careful when opening the top of the battery though. Sulfuric acid is quite corrosive.

Also, be sure to crush the aspirins up finely before you drop them in. This will make them dissolve faster.

Don’t wait too long before you try to start the car either. The reaction happens fast!

6.) Treat Bug Bites & Stings

Aspirin has built-in anti-inflammatory properties that is perfect for treating bug bites.

Aspirin will help reduce swelling, redness and pain associate from bug bites and stings.

All you do is crush up an aspirin or two, add some water to create an aspirin paste.

Then simply apply the paste to your bug bite or sting for a few minutes.

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7.) Keep Your Flowers Fresh

Everyday Health says that aspirin works great at blocking the formation of damaging mold and fungus in vases of fresh-cut flowers and greenery.

It also prevents the natural degradation of the plant material caused by the release of ethylene, which makes plants wilt faster.

Just drop in one crushed aspirin tablet every time that you change your water in the vase.

This trick is also highly effective when you are trying to root a new plant cutting.

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