Truvada Cost: It Can Prevent HIV — But Can You Afford It?

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Did you know that around 1 in every 40,000 people in the United States will be diagnosed with HIV this year? The CDC reports that, as of right now, there are over one million Americas who have been diagnosed as HIV positive. Treatment for HIV can be difficult, but combination therapy has been proven to be effective.

Does Truvada Prevent HIV?

The best way to treat HIV is to prevent it from happening in the first place. The best drug to do this is Truvada, but, even though it’s highly effective, not many people are using it or even know about it.

What is Truvada Used For?

Truvada is a drug designed to help prevent people from contracting HIV in the first place. This type of treatment is called pre-exposure prophylactics. Truvada is currently the only prescribable drug to be approved by the FDA. Although Truvada is an excellent treatment method to prevent the contraction of HIV, the CDC does recommend that the best way to prevent HIV is to always have protected sex by using a condom.

Considering how many people are currently at risk of contracting HIV, it is surprising that only 90,000 individuals in the United States are now using Truvada. This treatment could decrease the odds of contracting HIV by over 90% if taken every day as prescribed. Considering the drug has a 100% rate of being reviewed as “worth it,” taking Truvada as prescribed is worth the small amount of effort.

Why Aren’t People Using It?

Now that the benefits have been covered, you may be wondering why nobody is actually using this drug. It may be surprising, but the reason is due to how much Truvada costs.

How Much Does Truvada Cost?

Truvada retails for almost $2,000 a month, although some discounts could bring it down a couple of hundred dollars. The life-changing prescription drug can also be found at eDrugSearch for 90 x 200/300mg at $243.00 ($2.70 per pill)—far cheaper than any other source in the United States.

The FDA recently approved a similar generic prescription drug containing the same ingredients (emtricitabine and tenofovir) that may provide a less expensive option. However, a single generic option often does not lead to price cuts across the board. It typically takes several generic drugs in competition with each other to cause prices to drop.

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Until then, the company that manufactures Truvada, Gilead Sciences, is offering patients an assistance program that could bring the cost down to under $100 depending on the patient’s insurance.

In the Meantime

Scientists are calling for the de-stigmatizing of Truvada use, calling it a fundamental human right. Sexual health is essential for all people. To allow for better sexual health, people must first change their attitudes toward prevention. You deserve to be properly educated on your sexual health and the rights you have regarding the subject. You do not deserve to be ridiculed for wanting to prevent sexual diseases.

If people stood together to educate each other on the importance of prevention, the world would be taking a step forward. If people were promptly given information regarding new medication for HIV prevention, the world would be taking a step forward.

In the end, furthering the world’s position in sexual health isn’t that hard. All it will take is a community coming together with understanding and tolerance for the better good of all sexual health. In time, perhaps the matter won’t be such a touchy subject.

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