Comedienne Tracey Ullman debuted a new series on Showtime this season, and one of her funniest bits was making fun of FDA policy that — officially, at least — forbids American consumers from purchasing drugs from Canadian pharmacies. Check it out:

It’s funny stuff. Of course, the reality, for those familiar with the law, is that the FDA permits U.S. citizens to order drugs in supplies of 90 days or less without fear of confiscation. It’s similar to the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy for gay soldiers.

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Though it wouldn’t happen in real life, Ullman’s skit does point out the true absurdity of the FDA’s official stance on Canadian drug reimportation. Fortunately, both John McCain and Barack Obama oppose the FDA’s backward thinking and have announced plans to change the policy to encourage consumers to buy drugs from Canada and force a little price competition — which as we all know, is long overdue.

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