Top 10 pharma girls of reality TV is very, very proud to have established itself as a go-to site for those interested in the topic of cheerleader pharma reps and beauty queen pharma reps.

And so now we present our Top 10 list of pharma girls from reality TV:

1. April Lewis, Big Brother 6

2. Heather Basciano, U8TV: The Lofters

3. Stephenie LaGrossa, Survivor: Palau and Survivor: Guatemala

4. Aisha Krump, The Rebel Billionaire

5. Ranji, Identity

6. Maria Hoidas, Fear Factor Couples 2005

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7. Penny Ramsey, Survivor: Thailand

8. Tijuana Bradley, Survivor: Pearl Islands

9. Cristina C., The Bachelor #3

10. Kristina Grimes, The Apprentice (U.K.)

Honorable mention:

Andrea Baptiste, The Biggest Loser

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  • Priscilla H. says:

    I love Ranji’s bio:

    “RANJI is a woman with an adventurous spirit. Born in Ludhiana, India but raised in Kentucky, Ranji was a high school cheerleader and her sorority’s rush chair. She quit her job as a pharmaceutical sales rep to run her own adult entertainment company. She loves snowboarding, traveling, and her 150-pound great dane.”


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