Today Show on rising U.S. prescription drug use

Dr. Nancy Snyderman of the Today Show reported this morning on the growing number of Americans who use prescription drugs, and in many cases several prescription drugs, to treat chronic illnesses.

One of the issues the report raises is the importance of being aware of potential drug interactions; be sure to talk with your doctor and pharmacist, and to use online tools like DoubleCheckMD, to ensure that your drug regimen is safe.

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0 thoughts on “Today Show on rising U.S. prescription drug use

  • I believe what she said about everyone expecting their doctor to prescribe something is very true. People want instant relief and if the doctor doesn’t prescribe something they think he doesn’t know what he is doing.

  • I think its going to be a long time coming before there is an instant pill for any type of need that everyone seems to want now. We are not able to keep up tech. wise with all this wishful thinking. Not just yet anyways.

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