The Healthcare 100: Now at 204 blogs and counting

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I’d like to thank all of you who have posted about the Healthcare 100 and who have submitted your own or other blogs to the list. We’ve added more than 50 blogs to the list since Thursday and encourage you to keep them coming. Thank you!

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0 thoughts on “The Healthcare 100: Now at 204 blogs and counting

  • The eDrugsearch list does have some problems. I think there should be a transparency/commercial influence score for each blog. How do you think your own site would do in that regard? Not very well, I’d suggest.

    Dean Giustini
    OM blogger
    UBC google scholar blog

  • Dean,

    I welcome any suggestions for improving the ranking system. I know it’s not perfect, but we’re committed to making it as accurate a reflection of the medical blogosphere as possible.

    As for “transparency/commercial influence,” I’m not sure how we could be more transparent; please explain. And yes, we’re a commercial venture. We see no shame in that.

    Thanks for posting.

  • Dean Giustini says:

    Hi Cary,
    I did post my suggestion in the post above this one, and thank you for your openness. No, quite right, there is no shame in commericial ventures and capitalism. However, it does have an impact in how information is delivered (studies have shown this, and I can send them along if you wish or you can find easily in

    You might consider two lists: 1) for information purposes only and 2) commercial ventures. Most health librarians, for example, would recommend MEDLINEplus due to a lack of advertising. Too many blogs are overcome with advertising and this takes away from readability, navigation and a neutral point of view.


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