eDrugSearch is a network for consumers who buy prescription drugs online

Since our founding a little over a year ago, eDrugSearch.com has prided itself on being a trusted search engine for U.S. consumers seeking medications from international pharmacies. We’ve gotten some nice attention for this achievement and have attracted a loyal base of users.

Now, we’re ready to become something more — specifically, the leading social network for prescription drug consumers.

Why a social network for online drug buyers? Prescription drug consumers have shown significant interest in social networks on general health sites, indicating — we think — an unmet demand for a niche community. Drug consumers relish the opportunity to share their experiences with one another. These individuals are increasingly turning to each other, and other data points on the Web, rather than simply relying on pharmaceutical company advertising (or a rushed doctor’s appointment) for their information.

The Health 2.0 movement, which we strongly embrace, is all about empowerment and making more informed decisions. The eDrugSearch.com Online Health Community will help our members to make choices that save them money, and keep them safe, when buying drugs online.

eDrugSearch - save on medication costs and get free drug coupons

I encourage you to sign up and try out the site, because that’s the best way to explore the new features. But to give you an idea of the capabilities we’ve added, eDrugSearch.com members are now able to:

  • Rate and review pharmacies. Members can rate and contribute candid reviews of participating pharmacies, providing firsthand accounts of their experiences.
  • Rate and review drugs. Members can share their experiences with specific medications, sharing information on efficacy, side effects and value.
  • Track medications. Members can monitor the latest news, member comments, and price changes for the medications they take regularly.
  • Make friends and join groups. Members can add to their knowledge of specific conditions and medications by forming interest groups and adding friends.
  • Ask the community. Members can ask questions of the community and rate the answers received.

On a regular basis, we plan to highlight features of the eDrugSearch.com Community, as well as some of the more notable member-generated content, on this blog. But don’t wait for our updates — join up now!

About Cary Byrd

eDrugSearch founder, Cary Byrd, has been called an “e-health innovator” by MarketIntellNow, interviewed by top pharmaceutical industry journalists, invited to Matthew Holt’s Health 2.0 Conference and a Consumer Report's health summit, and highlighted on numerous health blogs.

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