The eDrugSearch Blog is two years old!

We’ve been working so hard and running so fast at that I failed to notice when we dashed right past a major milestone last week. On November 6, the eDrugSearch Blog reached its second anniversary.

It’s been an incredibly rewarding experience for us; we’ve met a lot of great people and made a lot of good friends. We hope along the way that we’ve shed an informative light on the world of online pharmacies — helping you to distinguish good pharmacies from bad ones so you won’t be scammed (or worse) by a rogue operation.

We also hope we’ve helped you to understand the political backdrop behind some of the confusing and contradictory behaviors of the U.S. government when it comes to Canadian pharmacies. And finally, we hope we’ve provided you with practical advice that has helped you to save money on your own drug purchases.

eDrugSearch - save on medication costs and get free drug coupons

Thanks for making this an unforgettable experience for us. As for the future: We’ll keep writing as long as you keep reading!

About Cary Byrd

eDrugSearch founder, Cary Byrd, has been called an “e-health innovator” by MarketIntellNow, interviewed by top pharmaceutical industry journalists, invited to Matthew Holt’s Health 2.0 Conference and a Consumer Report's health summit, and highlighted on numerous health blogs. - Search. Compare. Save.

0 thoughts on “The eDrugSearch Blog is two years old!

  • Congrats, Cary. This blog is quite an accomplishment and you should be proud of being an advocate for consumers. Thanks to you, eDrugSearch has been on both local and national television and has really created a voice for people who want to cut through the doubletalk about online pharmacies and buying drugs from Canada. Keep up the important work!

  • Congrats! I remember your passion when talking about Standard Process and giving me natural progesterone to use ..and the garlic for my kidney infections… and that was over ten years ago! You have always been an advocate for the people. I am glad to see that it is still so. In fact it is you that got me into many many things …like aromatherapy. You may not know that. : )

    I like this site. It is very informative and very necessary.

    Happy 2 Years!


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