The Easiest Way to Win a FREE Amazon Gift Card!

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What if you could win an amazon gift certificate just by writing a simple review of one of your favorite products? On, you have a chance of winning a $25 Amazon gift certificate by writing a review on medicine that you have used or are currently using. This is practically the easiest way to win a free amazon gift card, as it there is no limit to how many legitimate reviews you can write. More reviews equal more submissions! Keep reading to find out more on how to enter, as well as the required rules and regulations.

The Easiest Way to Win a FREE Amazon Gift Card

There are only three steps for you to follow to qualify for a free Amazon gift certificate. These three steps include:

  • Search for your product: Browse and search for the product that you have used and wish to review. All reviews are seen by hundreds of site visitors every day, helping them in their medication research.
  • Write a review: Write an honest review, good or bad, about your experience with this medication.
  • Wait: After writing your review and leaving a valid email address that you check regularly, simply wait and see if you have one! Winners are chosen at the beginning of each month.

To enter, simply write a legitimate review on a drug or online pharmacy that you have used or are currently using and submit it to That’s it! Both negative and positive reviews will qualify, and there is no limit to how many reviews you can give. Although multiple reviews of the same drug or product are not valid, you can enter reviews on various other products that differ from each other in name and brand. It should be noted that fraudulent or fake reviews will not be accepted. Be genuine!

No purchase is necessary for participation. As long as the drug or online pharmacy you have used is still in business today, your review will qualify as an entry for the Amazon gift card. All entries are to be completed by applicants who are at least 18 years of age, and all entries must accompany a valid email address. Without an email address as a reference for contact, applicants may lose out on winning their prize. Considering this is the easiest way to win a free amazon gift card, you want to make sure all your contact information is correct.

How it Works

eDrugSearch - save on medication costs and get free drug coupons

After you have submitted your review to, your review will be qualified as a submission into the monthly drawing of the $25 Amazon gift card. Reviews will become the property of to provide a source of aid to future site visitors in their research for specific medications. All eligible applicants will be placed in a drawing occurring at the beginning of each month, and four winners will be chosen. These winners were reviewers of drugs and medications of the preceding month. All winners will be contacted via email to claim their prize.

eDrugSearch - save on medication costs and get free drug coupons

Winners of the $25 Amazon gift card will receive their prize via email, making it imperative that every review be accompanied by a valid email address. Keep in mind that this sweepstakes is only valid for inside the United States, and winners can only accept their prize if they are living inside the United States at time of entry. If you wish to submit your entries at the last possible moment, remember that all entries for each month’s drawing must be received no later than 11:59 PM CST on the last day of the preceding month. All entries received after this time will qualify for next month’s drawing.

If you have been looking for a way to help others, while also possibly being rewarded at the same time, this is a sweepstakes that can provide just that. Although not everyone can win, by entering, you do have a chance at easily winning a $25 gift certificate to Amazon for any need you desire.

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