Steve Case Announces that Revolution Health Wins Award

Online healthcare sites are getting hot.  Witness Steve Case, who left AOL and started RevolutionHealth.  Today Steve announced that the site took home a couple of eHealthcare Leadership Awards.

“ was just awarded the Best Overall Health Internet Site by the eHealthcare Leadership Awards – and also took home high honors for Best Health Content and Best Overall Design.”

The recipients seem a bit pharma-heavy, so we were glad to see consumer-focused RevolutionHealth in the winners circle.

It seems the award is well-deserved, and doing some research, I came across two posts by Allen Searls, who may have coined the term Health 2.0.  He writes about it here in his now defunct Wondiring blog in 2005, a company that was acquired by Revolution Health, and here in his Health 2.0 Blog back in February 2007 (not the new one, see that link below).  His passion for helping people to take charge of their own healthcare is evident in the second post.

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According to his LinkedIn profile, he is still working at Revolution Health, so congratulations to him as well on the award.

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We know we have started to beat the Health 2.0 drum, but companies that aren’t consumer focused will eventually find themselves mired in a backlash.  People want information to make their own decisions from sites that they can trust.

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