Slashdot discussion shows despair, confusion in healthcare debate

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This post appeared today on Slashdot:

I’m a self-employed programmer who is about to become a father. Previously, my family’s insurance has come through my wife’s employer, but she is eagerly looking forward to being a stay-at-home mom. We must look for that elusive low-cost insurance in order to enable her to do this … On the individual coverage plan front, my research shows story after story of deception, fraud, and general run-around or obfuscation by most of the major players and nearly all the minors. With all of the bad experiences out there, I’ve yet to see a good review of an insurance company. What does the Slashdot crowd use and recommend?

The question has received well over 100 responses at this point — many of them by people who have similar frustrations. Reading the comment threat is kind of heartbreaking, frankly. Said one commenter:

First, you are about to find out just incredibly broken our health care system is. I doubt if you will get private insurance, as they are denying older applicants out of hand, and if you have ANY problem forget about it.

Many states have an expensive health insurance pool that has high deductible insurance that will only take care of you in catastrophic conditions. If you go for the low deductible, expect to find very high premiums and equally high copays.

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