Here’s 15 Amazing Self Defense Tips That Just Might Save Your Life

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If you ever leave your home, and I hope you do sometimes, you need to always be aware of your surroundings.

It’s best to have a few ideas in the back of your mind to mentally call upon in emergencies.

We don’t have to be Mr. or Mrs. paranoid, but being prepared and aware will go a long way if you ever get into a sticky situation.

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Let’s break down 15 self defense tips that are good have at your disposal in case a thug tries to take advantage of you. I would memorize all of these just in case anything ever happens.

1.) Throw It

If you are held at gun or knife point for your purse or wallet, say yes to them. Say o.k., and then throw it as far away from you as possible. This will give you precious seconds to escape possibly.

Most thugs just want the money, this way they can have it, and you can go and immediately contact your financial institutions and the police without being harmed.

If you’re feeling brave, you can always pile drive them and wait for the authorities.

2.) Keep Moving

Unless you’re pinned down, keep moving, constantly. Moving targets are more difficult to hit, grab, reach, and snatch.

Keeping those feet moving may just save your life.

3.) The Ear Yank

Ever have someone pull on your earlobes? Wasn’t pleasant was it?

If you are close to your attacker, try to tear it off. This may give you just enough time to get away.

4.) Being Followed

No one likes to be followed, period. If you suspect a car is on your tail, drive to a police station.

If you are walking or jogging, head towards people and call someone on your cell phone if you have it with you, as your on the move.

Never find yourself alone in these type situations.

5.) Pressure Points

Outsmart the bad guy with pressure on different points in the body.

The eye, groin, windpipe, or a sciatic nerve are all pressure points that can give you the advantage.

More pressure points all found all over the human body.

 pressure points self defense

6.) Love Your Locks

If you have long hair, keep it down until you reach your destination.

A ponytail or bun make a great hand hold for an attacker.

7.) Go to the Kitchen

If an attacker is breaking into your home, head to where you can have access to weapons, like the kitchen.

You know where your big, sharp knives are, the attacker does not.

8.) Get Out of Zip Ties

Know that zip ties can be broken when you leverage your own body against itself or if you use your shoe strings as a saw.

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9.) Leave a Bread Trail

If you are forced to go somewhere or into a car, keep your head on straight.

Try to drop anything of yours every change you get regardless of where you are.

Just don’t drop your cell phone.

10.) Kick’em in the Nuts or Knee

Use your foot to kick the attacker in the nuts or knee.

This kick is virtually unblockable and can cause a powerful impact.

Then scurry as fast as you can towards a crowd, run, scream, and or find a policeman.

11.) Headbutt Your Attacker

If you need to get away from someone, try an aggressive headbutt to their face.

It will feel like a cannonball was slammed into them regardless of your own size.

Tuck your chin downward, try to grab the attacker’s shirt and jerk hard and fast, hitting the face with your skull as many times as needed to get away.

12.) Scream Your Lungs Out

Actually scream out the words 911, fire, help, thief, or attacker. Don’t ever hold back on this!

13.) Wear Jewelry That Can Hurt

It may sound odd but a sharp ring, or cross on a necklace could be used to strike at an eye or windpipe long enough to get you to safely.

14.) Get to Know Your Inner Ninja

Take a course to learn how to defend yourself. You won’t be sorry and it will be worth it.

These courses teach not only the life saving moves, but also how to be aware and how to use your instincts wisely.

15.) Getting Cornered in an Elevator

If you find yourself on an elevator with a nut job, press all the buttons immediately.

Stopping at every floor will give you options like yelling at a group for help, running out to a group, other people getting on to help you.

Even if the weirdo gets off, it is a good idea to report the incident to a security guard so there is an awareness of the situation for the future.

We hope you are never in the position to need to rely on any of these tips, but if you are they might come in handy.

Always be aware of your surroundings and keep your cool.

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