Doctors Are Urging Parents to Preserve Kids’ Baby Teeth

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Most people remember losing their baby teeth. It was either an exciting experience or one filled with a little dread because of the possibility of pain.

American kids are often told a tale about a fairy who simply cannot get enough teeth.

The tooth fairy loves freshly plucked teeth so much that she wants to leave a little money under the pillow of any kid who is willing to trade.

Well, now doctors are just as hungry as the tooth fairy, and there is a good reason for this.

How Some Kids Spend Their Tooth Fairy Money

Being a kid and getting some money for your teeth must be kind of exciting. Surely, you have a few stories as to how you used your newfound treasure chest.

Most kids probably end up using the money in the following ways:

  • Candy
  • Candy
  • And more candy!
save baby teeth pulp
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Now, this does not mean that all kids are the same, especially little Brendan Bowman who used the cash that he got from the tooth fairy to purchase a big box of donuts for the cops in his neighborhood.

The donuts were meant as a ‘thank you’ for serving his community and keeping him safe. That, or it was a bribe so that cops continue to keep him safe; nonetheless, it was a gesture that the officers will probably not forget.

The Truth About the Tooth Fairy

Of course, growing up comes with a few surprises, including becoming the famed tooth fairy. As you know, most grown ups are the ones slipping a little cash under the pillow and taking that tooth away.

save baby teeth for stem cell repair.
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Parents now have to contend with the fact that they are holding a discarded tooth.

What should be done with it?

Of course, some parents just toss the little tooth though others choose to keep the tooth as a sentimental keepsake. Some parents go as far as making jewelry out of them or putting them in a frame.

It should be noted that parents can do a lot more with these teeth than they ever imagined.

What Are Baby Teeth Good for?

A study shows that baby teeth are really prized possessions, which is something the fairy knew already.

These little formations have a lot of powerful stem cells.

These cells are sometimes referred to as protocells, which can be grown into any type of cell when necessary.

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save baby teeth for stem cell repair

What does this mean for caring parents like you?

It means that these baby keepsakes can be useful, just in case your child ever needs replacement tissue.

You never know when an accident may happen and replacement tissue might end up being needed. All the doctor needs is the baby teeth that you kept.

These little teeth, if used correctly, can repair damaged cells, save organs like the heart or even replace brain cells. This means that life-threating ailments can be dealt with by these keepsakes.

How Can We Preserve Our Child’s Baby Teeth?

The key is that these teeth need to be preserved as soon as they fall out.

Stored properly, these baby teeth and the vital cells inside can survive for years. Stem cells have a very short lifespan and will degrade if they are not stored correctly.

This means that you will not be able to keep the teeth in a container of your choosing.

The Store-A-Tooth service helps parents preserve baby teeth in a safe way that keeps the stem cells’ health in optimal condition.

dental stem cells

The key is to keep these teeth in liquid nitrogen, which does mean that they are placed in a cryopreservation vault. Think of all those science fiction movies where the living person is frozen to preserve him or her for centuries.

Your child or grown adult can simply retrieve their teeth from the vault should it ever be necessary. Talk about a life-saving investment, right?

Will you be preserving your child’s baby teeth?

Let us know in the comment section below.

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save baby teeth for stem cells

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