Rost Watch, Week 3: BrandweekNRX up again — to #126

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The Healthcare 100 this week puts BrandweekNRX at #126, up from #130 last week and #169 when Peter took over the blogging duties. Peter’s Question Authority blog is also up.

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0 thoughts on “Rost Watch, Week 3: BrandweekNRX up again — to #126

  • Is something out of whack with the Healthcare 100 blogs?

    Or am I simply missing something . . . I started checking the Healthcare 100 rankings, going first to my own blogs:

    If we look just at Technorati ranking we get following results:
    Question Authority Technorati Rank 23,674 which gives a 17 on Top 100
    BrandweekNRX Technorati Rank 63,488 which gives a 13 on Top 100

    So far so good.

    But then if I compare these numbers with other blogs, things start to look weird:

    PharmaGiles Technorati Rank 177,881 which gets a 18 (doesn’t make sense, should be lower number than the two blogs above) on Top 100

    Compare with HealthcareRenewal, Technorat Rank 38,561, which only gets a Top 100 rank of 15, and clearly is ranking higher on Technorati than PharmaGiles.

    Stayin Alive gets Technorati Rank 4,551 which gives a high 25 (makes sense based on ranking), the only problem is that most blogs linking to this blog are SPAM BLOGS, check it out!!!

    Same thing with HealthCareVox Technorati Ranking not visible, but enormous amount of blogs linking, all look like SPAM BLOGS, but only gets 17 on Top 100(doesn’t make ANY sense from pure numbers perspective, has 7,143 blogs linking compared to 144 for PharmaGiles).

    I’m not sure I’m doing this right, but it looks like the Healthcare 100 is somewhat of whack, if not, I apologize. And I realize a static algorithm can’t filter out the blogs cheating with spam blogs.

    Cary, would you mind letting us know if I’m missing the big pictures, or if a tiny virus has been messing with your system? And perhaps check the Google and Bloglines rankings as well . . . ?

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