Rost vs. Mack, part deux: Love-hate relationship?

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You may remember the drama a while back when John Mack confronted Peter Rost over alleged “spamming” by Rost.

In the most recent throwdown, Pharma Giles reports that Rost’s

rigorous bitch-slapping of John Mack’s sneering dismissal of a post by the eminently sane and sensible Ms. Shanley (of “On Pharma” fame) was thoroughly welcome and gave me a good laugh of the “just desserts” variety. Her “crime,” in the Judges’s eyes, was to suggest that CafePharma could maybe do with a “code of conduct.”

Rost’s post, The Howard Stern of drug blogging?, called out John for “his predilection to spin data faster than the drug industry spins PR,” among other sins.

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Mack responded by calling Rost (a la Imus) a “lily-white ho.”

I think maybe some of these pharma bloggers have been dipping into the product again. 😉

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