Reclast’s “jaw problems” caused by too many warnings.

Retired physician John R. Agnew has an amusing take on Big Pharma’s bombardment of consumers with DTC advertising. Writes Agnew:

reclast jaw problemsThe drug commercials seem to me to be insulting. They overstate the benefits, minimize the side effects and ignore the cost: “Panacea is not for everyone,” they warn. “Let your doctor know if you have liver disease (he is too dumb to figure it out for himself) or are allergic to this drug (which you wouldn’t know in advance anyway). Side effects include fainting, jaundice, suicidal thoughts, constipation and sudden death. Do not operate heavy machinery after taking the first dose, and tell your doctor right away if you are dying”…

My favorite is Reclast, a once-a-year treatment for osteoporosis. It comes with many warnings, of course, including “jaw problems have been reported.” Jaw problems? What does that mean? Lock-jaw? Fossy-jaw? (I looked it up, and you don’t want to know while eating breakfast).

Reclast, like Fosamax and Boniva, is a treatment for osteoporosis, which refers to an extreme loss of bone density, most common in postmenopausal women. All three drugs are known as bisphosphonates.

The difference is that Reclast offers a level of convenience that the others don’t. Reclast is the first drug approved by the FDA (in 2007) as a once-a-year, intravenous treatment. As Novartis states on the Reclast Web site:

A single dose, along with daily calcium and vitamin D, helps strengthen your bones and protect them from fracture for 12 full months.

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Reclast, along with Fosamax, Boniva and other bone-building drugs, have a number of side effects — but currently the FDA is most concerned about studies that show these drugs can produce irregular heartbeats in some patients. The most recent study, focusing on Fosamax, came out just last month.

Reclast’s jaw side effect, by the way, is osteonecrosis (“bone death”) of the jaw bone; it has occurred only in rare cases. Here’s a full list of Reclast warnings and precautions.

Click here to learn more about Reclast or Fosamax.

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  • I just cancelled an infusion for Reclast after reading of the side effects. I think I would prefer to shrink and die naturally rather than go through all the worries of the pharmaceutical industry profit. Thank you very much!

  • I had my Reclast infusion in June, and it altered my body chemistry dramatically! I am now allergic to eggs, cheese, dairy and any and all calcium supplements! In addition to which, I have also developed an extreme allergy to antibiotics. Another side effect for me has been the loss of energy — I used to be much more active and could stay up later at night. Not any more! All I can say is this: I sure hope the Reclast infusion is doing something for my bones, because it sure has messed me up in other ways!!

    Bottom Line: I won’t do it again!

    Summer Smith

  • I had this infusion two days ago. It will be my last!! I was up all night… never so sick in my life…a headache that would not quite, chills, all over body aches, weakness, etc. It was awful.

  • I had an appointment today to get reclast, but cancelled after reading all of the side effects, especially the loss of jawbone, not to mention kidney problems, and low blood calcium.

  • I am a student at the University of Oklahoma and am working on my capstone project which requires me to interview women with osteoporosis. It’s upsetting to hear what you women have gone through and I am curious if you have started any new treatments to help prevent your osteoporosis from worsening?

  • read this too late.Information on Bisphosphonates (marketed as Actonel, Actonel+Ca, Aredia, Boniva, Didronel, Fosamax, Fosamax+D, Reclast, Skelid, and Zometa)
    FDA ALERT [1/7/2008] – FDA is highlighting the possibility of severe and sometimes incapacitating bone, joint, and/or muscle (musculoskeletal) pain in patients taking bisphosphonates. Although severe musculoskeletal pain is included in the prescribing information for all bisphosphonates, the association between bisphosphonates and severe musculoskeletal pain may be overlooked by healthcare professionals, delaying diagnosis, prolonging pain and/or impairment, and necessitating the use of analgesics.

    The severe musculoskeletal pain may occur within days, months, or years after starting a bisphosphonate. Some patients have reported complete relief of symptoms after discontinuing the bisphosphonate, whereas others have reported slow or incomplete resolution. The risk factors for and incidence of severe musculoskeletal pain associated with bisphosphonates are unknown.

    This severe musculoskeletal pain is in contrast to the acute phase response characterized by fever, chills, bone pain, myalgias, and arthralgias that sometimes accompanies initial administration of intravenous bisphosphonates and may occur with initial exposure to once-weekly or once-monthly doses of oral bisphosphonates. The symptoms related to the acute phase response tend to resolve within several days with continued drug use.

    Healthcare professionals should consider whether bisphosphonate use might be responsible for severe musculoskeletal pain in patients who present with these symptoms and consider temporary or permanent discontinuation of the drug.
    I have been severely suffering since I was given Reclast. Only thing I can do it take prednisone to get sed rate (imflamation down) this round of that terrible drug(which only treats the symptons) was 20 days ago. My ACL that was replaced and was in great shape 12/08 just dissapeared 12/09. No injury or acccident…… Reclast is killing me Still!

  • I have been severely suffering since I was given Reclast. Only thing I can do it take prednisone to get sed rate (imflamation down) this round of that terrible drug(which only treats the symptons) was 20 days ago. My ACL that was replaced and was in great shape 12/08 just dissapeared 12/09. No injury or acccident…… I believe that Reclast is killing me Still

  • Judith Peck says:

    Thrilled with it. Osteoporosis since age 50 curtailed lots of fun activities with my grand kids. Made some progress on orals, but GERD necessitated gut biopsies and esposphogeal dilatation.

    I can tell you after 35 years as a nurse, this is a great drug. If you think it is not worth a few punny side effects what will you be saying after you are in the nursing home when you fracture your hip (no hip pinning for people with osteoporosis) or have horrible chronic back pain from vertebral fractures. Or dead. Good luck, I see it every day!

    • Punny Side effects!!! Having ones jaw bone disintegrate is not a ‘punny’ side effect! I went to the dentist with small cavities and they cannot even repair them because the underlying bone has been severely damaged with absolutely no recourse. Good luck to you and hope that your possibilityof “Punny Side Effects’ doesn’t come back to bite just might be that you won’t be able to bite back..

  • I’m 58 years old with osteoporosis. I have taken reclast 2 times. The first year I did have flu like symptons and this went away after 2 days no problems at all after this. The second infusion, the following year in 2009,I had no problems whatsoever. I can say with the reclast treatment and I also take Citracal -2 tablets- twice a day and a vitamin D supplement. I feel much stronger than before

  • Ihave had REclast twice. The first time I done very good. This last time I thought I was doing okay but have had alot of trouble with my feet hurting and burning causing me pain to walk. Also have had sprained thumb that took forever to heal and alot of aching. Not sure if I should go on with this

  • I’m curious what percentage of women had bad side effects vs the ones that did not. My doctor just recommended that I take reclast and now I’m very concerned since reading all these posts about the negative side effects.

  • My Mother had 2 infusions of reclast before she had bottom teeth pulled for dentures. She has been through hell and back. Has osteonecrosis of the jaw bone. Has been through 2 hospitalizations, 2 sessions of picc line antibiotics, one 40+ days, one 57 days, also still doing hyperbarics, on 40+ visit. Also on second hospitalization, had the dead portion of jaw removed, still a small area of dead bone exposed. Hopefully she can wear some sort of dentures. This has been ongoing for one year. She is 80 years old and has lost prob. 30 pounds. On the second hospitalization, she stayed 5 weeks due to antiobiotics every 6 hrs and hyperbarics. DO NOT TAKE THIS DRUG!!!

  • Kathy,
    Total disaster for your mom. I am kind of surprised that a clinician would start an 80 yr old on bisphos. The horsers are pretty much out of the barn. Not that you can’t get some bone remodeling at 80, but unless you have long lived relatives, like into their mid 90’s it is probably not worth the risk, even a small risk. I assume your mom was not a smoker as she still had some of her own teeth at 80. AND I hope he physician, either checked her mouth and dental hygiene or sent her to a dentist before she got her medication. These drugs have been great for me, as I was in my late 40;s with full on osteoporosis, with only thin and white as risk factors. It did rebuild my bone so that I only have osteopenia. I had a lifetime of being a big dairy consumer and weighbearing exercising. That is another problem, clinician’s offen provide this medication for osteopenia when it should be reserved for those with osteoporosis. Diet, exercise, estrogen, home saftety are all other things that should be tried first. I am due this year for my BMD, if it is not continuing to improve I am going to take a 2 year holdiay to see if I get reversal. I can also wait out the study on the atypical femur fx that are occuring. Overall these are very powerful drugs (all are) and I am glad that they are available as I am sure they have kept me without fracture and able to keep up with my grandkids. It is ALWAYS important to remember that all drugs are just controlled poinsoning and anthsesia is a controlled OD.
    Good Luck,
    Judith Peck

  • I took Reclast in 2009 after having done daily Forteo injections for 14 monts and Fosamex for almost 2 years before. I got worse of the Fosamex. Bone density improved dramatically on Forteo and my last fun body bone density done last months was a report of bones NORMAL. I am 68 and began this journey in my early 60’s. I felt like I had the flu for a couple days after being given Reclast. In addition, I had some aches a couple times during the year. I decided they were ‘growing pains’ and maybe they were.

  • I too would like to know the percentage of women who have had bad side effects vs the ones that did not. After a bad reaction to Fosamax, it was suggested to try Reclast. Do not want to go through that pain and suffering again.

    • Dear Joyce. Don’t! I cannot emphasize this enough. I am a fairly disabled person anyway. I have RA but I was so shocked to find out that the Reclast had caused such severe problems with degenerative bone disease in my jaw. I will never be able to grow bone there again. I will never be able to have reconstruction of teeth that only had tiny cavities,but the Reclast caused severe damage to my bone. I only had 3 treatments and not three years in a row. I had 2 yrs off in between. Think how you might feel a few years down the road and your bones begin to disintegrate? Coming from someone who knows. It isn’t if it will happen but when!

  • Lakin Alexander says:

    My mothers doctor recommended reclast for her oosteo eleven days later she was dead. She was 54 years old and had heart disease. The doctor had never checked her heart the reclast restricts blood flow and the restricted blood flow caused her a massive heartattack. that whole day she cried that her bones (especially her jaw which she had packed with ice all day)hurt immensely. please read ALL of the side effects.

  • Wow am I confused, I have taken Fosamax and Actonel for years and recently Forteo for about a year. I have a new doctor and she is recommending Reclast. I am suppose to go in a couple days for the infusion but after reading these blogs I am considering canceling. I have had a heart stent am only 62. Is there any real reliable info out there? I tend to believe the bloggers rather than the drug makers. Any of your opinions would be much appreciated.

    • Frankenfuss says:

      It is best to trust neither the BLOGS nor the drug makers.  If you notice, you see almost nothing on the BLOGS except horror stories — because if something doesn’t cause you a problem, you aren’t going to go anywhere to complain about it and if it does cause you a problem, then you are going to complain wherever you can.  The drug companies will tell you all of the side effects, but will minimize them as much as possible.  That is understandable to some degree these days because they have to list it causing headaches if somebody in the study reports having a headache.  Headaches may happen for lots of reasons, but if you are in one of these studies, it is going to be attributed to whatever drug you are testing.  So, bottom line, read all you can find to read from the drug companies, BLOGS, etc. then sit down with your doctor and have a frank honest discussion about the ramifications of NOT taking the treatment VS the risks of the treatment.  Ask all of the things you have questions about, then make a decision WITH your doctor about what is best for you.  If you can’t have that discussion with your doctor — or you don’t trust the answers you are getting — it is time to find a new doctor.  Good luck with your treatments — whatever you decide.

  • My reclast appointment was cancelled because the Dr. neglected to inform that I needed blood and urine tested prior to the infusion. I had my first Reclast last year with no bad affects, that I know of; maybe that is why my joints hurt. Wish I knew what to do, don’t want to be a stooped over old lady, I am now 66 years old.

  • The doctor has recommended reclast for my daughter that is physically and mentally disabled, she has been on fosomax the last two years and has had problems with upset stomach. The once a year would be great but after reading the blogs not sure if it would be good idea since she in non-verbal and not able to let us know what reactions she might would have. Any opinions would be appreciated.

  • Had my 3rd reclast in mid Nov. The
    first one I reacted with a 30 minute dizzy spell & then fine.If happened 15 minutes sooner, I was driving home home & would have stopped on the spot and waited fo some help
    The 2nd had no reaction but I usid a driver
    This time I am still so dizzy that I have to use a cane and at times a walker.
    I am a care taker of my disabled husband but if this does not improve, I will need a czretaker also
    This gets very expensive.I still have to hire a driver
    It already 6 or 7 weeks
    It was reported to the FDA & the manufacturer
    Women s
    & doctors should be warned
    It is not listed as apotentiol side effect

  • My father took his first and only infusion of reclast in Sept. 2010, and he was dead 54 days later. This drug is poison pure and simple. It is a big fat drug company lie, as it doesn’t really help anyone, it gives a false appearance of denser bones in some people. It destroys osteoclasts a key component in our bone making cycle. It may not cause side effects in all people ( in hundreds of thousands it does) but in the people that have reactions there is no antidote or way to reverse this drug once it is in your system. This is a tragic game of Russian Roulette. My father was healthy before Reclast, and only taking one prescription drug, after Reclast he was in severe pain, renal failure, A. Fib, muscle spasms, just to name a few. He had a full battery of blood work before his infusion, and all was normal, yet he was dead less than 2 months later. I would tell anyone to run away from this drug as fast as you can. Even if you have taken it without problems , you are in for trouble down the road most likely. Why is a drug that is suppose to help your bones causing our bones to die, and become diseased?? Why are our strongest bones, the femur, snapping in two after these drugs??? Does this make sense people?? No, these drugs are a lie, and should be banned from the market. I just read that 514 people have died due to Reclast in the last year, and countless others ( hundreds of thousands ) have experienced severe adverse reactions. In one study 67% of Reclast patients suffered severe adverse reactions. I hate this drug, and will celebrate when it is gone forever, never to harm another person. Shame on Novartis , and these drug companies for putting profit over people . We trust them, and they abuse that privilege!

  • Grandma Cookie says:

    I am scheduled for a Reclast infusion. I am cancelling. I do not like what I am reading about you having such horrible effects from this drug. It is bad enough to get older, but to make things so much worse is not a good thing. Thank you all for commenting on the drug.

  • I am a naturapathic counselor(f0r 35yrs) and have been advising my sister who has osteoporosis to take a well researched supplement which I and many women have taken to reverse bone loss. Check it out yourselves. Strontium

    • Hello E M J  I’ interested in your posting because I’m also looking for  a well researched supplement  to take to reverse bone loss. I’ve been taking Fosamax for four years and it
      didn’t work for me. Now the doctor want me to have Boniva IV, but I’m very afraid to do it.
      I’m reading that Strontium Citrate is good for bone building. There is a drug called Strontium Ranalate by the company Servier, but I think it is in Europe. I would like to get in
      touch with you and talk more about Strontium because it’s important how much to take and
      with other supplements.
      S M T

  • I have taken only 3 doses of Reclast the last one was given to me in the hospital and the outrageous price of $133,729.00 was absurd! Subsequently I had developed what I thought were small cavities in my teeth. Only to find out that reclast has caused such severe damage to my jaw that I will never be able to save some of the teeth. I can’t even have them pulled because the Oral Surgeon says that the hole left will never heal. I have no options accept to have a couple of teeth have RCT and the others that are damaged into the bone..I will only be able to saw them off and hope that they grow out of the jaw. I want recourse to the drug company. I was never told the side effects especially the most severe. I want the drug company to pay for what they have done to me!

  • Reclast, or generic name zoledronic acid, is a drug used to treat bone cancer in larger doses and more frequently than the once yearly dose for osteoporosis . It’s very ‘job’ is to kill bone. If used in small doses it can be helpful..However, it is a drug with such severe side effects that I would have to have bone cancer to take this stuff..again. I wasn’t ever given any information and did not find out about what this drug is all about until I went to the dentist and my jaw was damaged severely with absolutely NO recourse. There is NO treatment for the effects of Reclast once one has damage. Why put ones self through the possibility of this kind of side effects. So many have stated Ca vitamin D and exercise on a regular basis will help and not harm. Do you realise that in other countries such as Japan Sweden and many others, there isn’t even a word in the language for osteoporosis. They just don’t get the disease.Likely due to their heavy dependency on vegetables and tofu and very little meat products. I am not saying anyone need be a vegetarian, but there are ways of doing things that are not always chemical. Remember Monsanto and there logo..”live better through chemistry” Do any of you really believe that we live better through chemistry?

  • My doctor put me on Fosamax 6 years ago. After several months, my jaw started locking. having read that that could be connected to Fosamax, I stopped taking it. After a couple of months my jaw went back to normal. A year later my doctor again talked me into taking Fosamax and said there was no way that what my jaw had done could be from the drug. But again within two months my jaw was locking, so again I stopped the Fosamax and will never take it again. But HERE is some good news: I then started taking Strontium every day but not at the same time that I take Calcium because they compete for absorption. After 18 months on Strontium, (plus the Calcium, vitamin D, and other bone building supplements I’ve taken for many years), my bone density INCREASED 3%. Look into Strontium!

  • carol haslam says:

    I was on Actonol for 5-6 years it did not help after having bone scan to check. I was put on reclast and had 5 infusions. tomorrow I go to dentist to have my bare jaw bone shaved down to see if gum will grow over it. started in november with severe pain and can not wear my bottom dentures since than.afraid I will be disfigured as it is spreading after Cat scan last week

  • I am a 69 year old male recently diagnosed with Paget’s disease. I was really aprehensive about having a Reclast infusion, based on all the negative posts and horror stories of those who have had Reclast. I finally decided to go forward with the infusion and had the same two days ago. The first day was fairly uneventful, however I was very anxious about the impending side effects. Prior to the infusion, I hydrated well and took 1000mg of tylenol.

    One the night of day #2, last night, I had flu symptoms and high temp. for about 1-1/2 to 2 hours and woke up this morning feeling really yucky. This afternoon, I feel almost back to normal.

  • Runnet Partin says:

    I had one injection of Reclast and it about killed me. I have been having teeth problems for over a year and can’t get them pulled because of taking it. I had one root canal done cost me $1500. and need a couple more that I can’t afford. Never again will I take anything that even resembles a prosphonate. I tried Evista, my dr. said it wasn’t anything like the others; pain exactly like Reclast, I quit taking it. Someone needs to have to pay for our dental bills.

  • I first posted on this drug in December 2013 and gave it thumbs up for no real acute phase reaction when I had my infusion. Now, it is a very different story.

    For the past month, I have been having severe hip and low back pain. In the last 2 weeks, both shoulders, back ribs and both knees are in agonizing pain. My Endocrinologist told me that no way could Reclast cause any bone or joint pain two months after the infusion. I told him I had no other changes in my lifestyle other than the Reclast ifusion. He was at a loss as to how I would have these various pains. Naturally his answer was to provide my with an RX for Vicodin.

    Two days ago, I started having vision problems in both eyes. A film has developed on both eyeballs and my vision is very cloudy. I will be seeing my ophthalmologist tomorrow morning and am scared to death that I may be going blind.

    For those of you who are reading these posts and have not received a Reclast infusion, DO NOT DO IT! DO NOT TAKE RECLAST, IT WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE!!!

  • Booby T,

    I am so very sorry that you are having problems. I want to let you know that I definitely believe you. I think it is either evil or ignorance that your Dr. said that this could not be Reclast…IT IS CLASSIC RECLAST! Reclast claimed my father’s life over 3 years ago. Like you, his Dr. refused to believe that it was Reclast. Why are so many Dr’s so bullheaded. We did speak to some ER doctors that said that they had seen these problems before with Reclast. One of these Dr.’s even told us that you would have to be an idiot to take this poison…but this is what so many Dr’s are prescribing??
    If you can please pursue this by reporting to the FDA, try and get another one of your Dr’s to report. Many times the FDA will not acknowledge unless a Dr. files an AER ( adverse event report). In 2011 over 500,000 AER were reported regarding Reclast, and over 500 deaths. These figures didn’t include the other names that this drug is marketed under.
    This drug DOES DO NO GOOD ONLY HARM, there is absolutely NO evidence that these drugs prevent fractures or strengthen bones. But there is a mountain of growing evidence that they destroy bone. People use your common sense. How can a drug that destroys bone ( jawbone death, atypical femur fractures) also be the answer to osteoporosis?? It can’t and it isn’t. I will be more than happy to discuss with your Dr. or any Dr. on the planet about Reclast!

  • Thank you for your response Andrea-

    I reported this poison to the FDA, however I have not found one doctor who will state that Reclast causes any type of unfavorable reaction months after an infusion. Day by day, I am having pain in additional body parts and am terrified that the pain will be never ending. If and when the pain does go away, I will post the event(s) on this site to give the others who are afflicted some hope. I was told by my PTP to make an appointment to see a specialist Behavior Modification (psych) to deal with the pain as he (and the medical crowd) cannot find any cause for the pain in my bones. Obviously, he has washed his hands of me.


  • Bobby T,

    Best of luck to you. You may want to look for support group websites for Reclast victims. Inspire is one website I found where several people have been affected by Reclast or other osteo drugs. You can google Inspire and osteoporosis and you should find the website. It used to be that you could get empathy, and good advise from other victims on this site. Unfortunately, I found out that this site is supported/funded by Novartis and other big pharma companies when I began seeing posts from victims that had negative things to say about Reclast getting excluded from the site, and taking their posts off. You may want to check it out yourself. You can just go to this site and read about reclast… just search for reclast on their site and you will have a lot to read. Perhaps, you can find helpful information relevant to the particular issues that you are dealing with. In Sept. 2011 I went to Maryland and spoke before the FDA on a special hearing regarding these drugs. It was heartbreaking to hear first hand accounts of what these drugs have done to people. As long as the fox is in charge of the henhouse, I am afraid that we will not see any real changes on this front for a while. It is disheartening that there are so many people suffering and so many deaths due to these drugs, but they will not get any real attention because the majority of the patients that receive these drugs are the elderly or the chronically ill. ( Zometa is the same drug as Reclast but marketed to cancer patients). The real criminals are these drug companies where the only thing that matters is the bottom line. I will say that I am not anti- business or anti profit. I am anti making money over human life.

  • I too am a “Reclast” survivor. Given a one time dose Oct. 2011 ….due to spontaneous fractures in my pelvis. had four others even after the drug over the course of 1 1/2 yrs.

    Initial side effects, within 30 mins. was as others have described…..’death warmed over’…sicker than I had ever been, disoriented, dizzy, nauseous, difficulty walking, severe muscle, joint, back pain.
    Then had to wait a yr. before they could try anything else for my fragile bones. Was not sexually active, or big on exercise at the time, just normal activity which greatly declined.
    Am now on FORTEO, not a BIOPHOSPHANATE and the safest of all the other drugs. Given daily, yes you can give yourself a shot for 2 yrs. I can say my bones feel better, & stronger.
    Ladies do your research, some of us have heart disease we do not even know about. Osteoporosis leaves us with few options…..death should NOT be one of them.
    I am a Retired Nurse practitioner……so consider this a ‘second’ opinion!
    God Bless….Be Wise!

  • I too am a Reclast survivor – just had my 3rd infusion a couple weeks ago. It was suggested that I take a couple Tylenol and I did and I felt fine same as the 2nd time – the 1st time I didn’t know to do that so I felt a little fluy for a couple days. I have also been on forteo and these two drugs have moved me from osteoporosis back to osteopenia. I started with that and after a couple years on Foramax I had osteoporosis. So much for that. My Md researched Reclast before he would give it to me and discovered that all the bad stuff occurs if an individual has also had cancer. I have never had cancer. I think if we had medicines that can help ( I broke the same leg 2x in 6 months before I started tx) then we should use our common sense and check the reseach to see what it really says and if that means we have anything to be concerned about. I plan to do round 4 next year.

  • Hi Susan,

    I think it is humorous that your Dr said that Reclast should not be taken if an individual has cancer… Zometa is the exact same drug as Reclast ( only marketed under a different name) and is prescribed and recommended for cancer patients. Just goes to show you how removed the medical community is from these drugs. It should scare everyone how ignorant our physicians are when it comes to prescribing drugs, most of them solely rely on their drug representative ; who is ONLY interested in selling product.
    My father died 54 days after his first Reclast infusion. He did not have cancer, was in great health for his age, 80, and had a full blood workup before his infusion. He followed all instructions, yet 3 days post Reclast he was suffering from Kidney failure, he had Atrial Fib, muscle spasms, bone pain, GERD, and a host of other symptoms. Reclast CAN NOT be reversed, there is no antidote, the one BIG reason that no one should take it ever, besides the fact that there is NO evidence that it really does anything but HARM our bones and wreak havoc on our organs.
    I am very happy that you have not suffered because of this drug, that makes you incredibly lucky. I pray that you never see any ill effects from this drug , but it has destroyed thousands of lives…one is too many for a drug that doesn’t work! I wish you good health, and I would also recommend that you seek alternative options for your bones. Vitamin D, weight bearing exercise, there are several good books out there.

  • My sister took 2 treatments of reclast developed osteonecrosis of the jaw ( dead bone)and just yesterday shy of 1 year later has had her second surgery to remove disease bone she is only 50 years old and 1 family income loosing work and the cost of 2 surgerys due to taking 2 treatments of reclast it’s dangerous. We need to get this drug off the market any suggestion also drug company needs to pay for the surgeries. Help renita

  • I have taken Reclast 3 times over the past 5 years. I had a slight flu-like reaction the 1st time that was gone in a couple days. Then 2nd and 3rd times I was told to take a couple Tylenol and I did so with no symptoms of any kind after I received the medication. My bone densities have improved and I have had no problems with my jaw, etc.

  • For Katy, there is NOT anything good about it if you are allergic to it and they have not gotten any thing to counter act. I took the infusion on June3, 2012 and still have side effects. I have the DEEP chills and head aches. Now I am having to take an MRI because I have bones growing in out of my skull and inside my skull. proved by C scan about 2 years ago. Headaches feel like I have someone playing ball inside my head. the sharp pains goes from one side to the other.

  • Mary Ann Mandy says:

    Been 2 years since I was given Reclast, via infusion. Yesterday, June 16, 2016 I lost tooth #8 and another part of my jaw bone. Within 4 months of getting this drug my teeth started to break and fall out. I still have several. teeth that are dying and will have to be pulled. Researched class action law suits for Reclast and, believe me, there are so many that the attorneys are no longer taking any cases. I did file a complaint with the FDA and have a claim number but nothing has happened yet. My advice to anyone considering this drug…STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM IT. I will continue to take my calcium and vitamin D daily..

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