This Is Why Q-Tips Are Bad, And Why You Should NEVER Clean Your Ears With Them

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Why Not to Clean Your Ears with Q-Tips

Even though they are one of the most popular items on pharmacy shelves, Q-tips could actually be harmful to a person’s health.

This is especially true when they aren’t used properly.

The makers of the “Q-Tip” brand even recommends to only use the cotton swab “around the outer ear, without entering the ear canal”.

The AAO-HNSF also strongly advises to not stick cotton swabs in your ears and to not use ear wax candles.

And according to the Washington Post and a recent video featuring audiologist and professor William H. Shapiro, there are multiple reasons why using Q-tips is a bad idea.

1.) Q-tips Push Ear Wax Further Into the Ear Canal

The main reason many people continue using Q-tips is a misguided effort to remove ear wax.

The fact is that ear wax is good. It helps to trap insects and also functions as a lubricant for the ear canal.

When a person tries to remove ear wax with a Q-tip, the most common result is pressing it down against the eardrum where it can prohibit vibration and potentially cause hearing loss.

Q-tips should never be placed inside the ears and only used on the outer areas.

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2.) Q-tips Can Cause an Itch-Scratch Cycle

Many people report that their ears itch after using Q-tips inside the ear canal.

This side effect is so common that dermatologists believe it can actually lead to a type of addiction known as an itch-scratch cycle.

Using Q-tips more often results in more itching, and more itching compels a person to use Q-tips frequently.

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This can become an endless loop of addictive behavior and pose serious issues to ear tissue.

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“Why Q-Tips Are Bad” Video

Safe Treatments for Inner Ear Itch

Most people know how annoying an inner ear itch can be.

Thankfully, we’ve posted about several safe home remedies and itchy ears treatments to help you alleviate your itch without damaging your ear and keep it from ever returning.

Are you using Q-tips to improperly clean your ear canal?

Has the information provided challenged the way you think about using Q-tips?

Leave us a comment and be sure to share with your Facebook friends so they can also avoid potential health problems.

After watching the video, will you still use Q-Tips to clean your ear canal?

Be honest and tell us why in the comments section below 🙂

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Why Q-Tips Are Bad

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