What are the pros and cons of buying prescription drugs from Canada?

The biggest advantage to purchasing prescription drugs from Canada is the price. Most pharmaceuticals are substantially lower in price, creating savings of up to 80% lower than the American price. Canada governs prescription drug prices so that ensures that Canadian drugs are among the cheapest available. Why pay twice as much for the same product?

Customer Service
Because it is Canada, you can be assured you will still receive awesome customer service from our north-of-the-border friends. Just like in the United States, every legitimate Canadian pharmacy is going to require a dated and signed prescription from the prescribing physician. The pharmacy is also going to require an application that includes basic patient information, as well as medical history, current medication list, and any known allergies. This way the pharmacist is aware of everything he needs to know to ensure against possible drug interactions, or potential drug reactions.

Online Pharmacies
Online Canadian pharmacies are extremely convenient for the consumer to use. Purchasing can be done anytime, day or night. It is much easier than having to go out to the pharmacy and spend time waiting for the prescription to be filled. For people living in remote areas, or for those who have mobility issues and have a difficult time getting around, or even just people who don’t feel safe leaving the house in winter and risking a fall, online pharmacies offer a significant advantage. You can expect delivery of your medications, right to your home or office, in approximately two weeks. It couldn’t be easier or more convenient.

Peace of Mind
Of the pros and cons of buying prescription drugs from Canada, a big “pro” is the fact that Canadian drugs are just as safe as American drugs. The rules and regulations that govern the manufacture of pharmaceuticals are just as strict in Canada as they are in the United States. Canadian pharmacies and factories undergo the same stringent government inspections to make certain they are operating in full compliance with the law. Canada is not operating as a third-world country; Canadian pharmaceuticals can be trusted to have the same high quality found in the United States.

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Health Aids
Once the customer/pharmacist relationship is established, and the important business of medically-necessary prescriptions are taken care of, explore all of the products they sell, it may be beneficial to buy other merchandise as well. Ask about any specials they have.

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About the only “con” in the pros and cons of buying prescription drugs from Canada debate is that very rarely the Canadian Border Patrol will stop everything going out of the country, and prescriptions can be delayed. This is easily avoided by making sure preparations are taken and refills are ordered as soon as a delivery is made.

The pros and cons of buying prescription drugs from Canada factor heavily on the pro side.

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