PricePro Pharmacy Reviews: Are They Legit?

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In the United States, drugs can be 50 to 80 percent (removed hyperlink) pricier than in Canada. It’s the only country in the West to have no regulations when it comes to drug pricing after all.

What’s more, researchers found that pharma companies jack up prices during shortages. They do the same when they don’t have competition. Think of Martin Shkreli, who decided to raise a $13.50-priced drug to $750, making it 55 times more expensive!

No wonder Americans now seek their meds from Canadian pharmacies, like PricePro Canadian Pharmacy.

But what do PricePro Pharmacy reviews have to say about it? Are they reputable and do they sell only high-quality drugs? How about their drug prices?

All these questions, we’ll answer in this online pharmacy review, so keep reading!

Who PricePro Canadian Pharmacy Is

PricePro Canadian Pharmacy is a retail online pharmacy headquartered in Surrey, British Columbia. This means that they have an actual brick and mortar store, and not only a website.

You can order your meds through their online platform, whatever time of the day or day of the week. Have a question about how to order or drug prices, their live chat service is fantastic. Knowledgeable patient care specialists are available at a click or calls notice.

That alone already grants them legitimacy. But note that the College of Pharmacists of British Columbia and Manitoba have licensed their partner Canadian Pharmacies. Plus, they have Internet Mail-Order Pharmacy Accreditation Commission (IMPAC) approval. has also verified and certified PricePro Pharmacy and all their dispensing pharmacies. 

PricePro’s works only with licensed partner pharmacies. Their pharmacy team also consists of “Value Maximizers” and “Patient Care Representatives”.

Their Value Maximizers find only the safest and best prescription drug sources. Whereas their Patient Care Reps assist patients placing their online orders and prescriptions. Any questions you have, these reps will address.

Who They Serve

When reading Canada pharmacy reviews, verify other countries they can legally serve! They should have licensure from the appropriate licensing organization where they sell meds.

PricePro Canadian Pharmacy has such credentials allowing them to sell to U.S. patients. They’re partner pharmacies are also licensed by the New Zealand Ministry of Health. Furthermore, they’ve obtained licensure from the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) of Great Britain.

Patients in Turkey, Singapore, and India can also enjoy their affordable products. And that’s a lot of medications, as PricePro Canadian Pharmacy is a full-service pharmacy. They carry and sell over 1000 medications.

Prescriptions Required

Did you know that Big Pharmas, like Walgreens, have prices 1,000x more expensive? That shows how quick they are to drain your finances when all you want is to keep yourself healthy. So, you turn to online pharmacies for their cheaper rates.

But there are rogue pharmacies that you should avoid at all costs too. One sign that you’re dealing with a shady pharmacy is if it doesn’t ask you for your prescription. These “businesses” will only ask you what you need and sell you counterfeit medicines.

PricePro Pharmacy is very strict when it comes to prescriptions — you can’t buy from them without it. You need to provide them with a copy of your prescription before they ship your order. It’s the law to show prescriptions when buying drugs, and this pharmacy upholds this law.

Don’t worry, as this online pharmacy makes it easy to submit your prescription. You can scan and email it to them, fax it, or send it through the mail. You can also upload it online, through their official website’s document upload page.

Has a Pharmacist Ready to Answer Your Questions

Let’s say you have constant migraines, which affects more than 38 million U.S. folks. Now, you want to know if Naproxen works great for it or if you’re better off with other NSAIDs.

PricePro Pharmacy has you covered, as it employs a licensed pharmacist you can talk to. You can ask them about how Naproxen (or any other drug) works and its side effects. They can help you explore your other medication options, and tell you if these need a prescription or not.

That said, only reputable and legitimate pharmacies offer this pharmacist assistance option. Stay away from those that don’t have a licensed pharmacist you can talk to about your concerns. That’s often a sign you’re dealing with a rogue pharmacy.

HIPAA Compliant

HIPAA stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. It’s the standard that all companies handling protected health information should follow. That includes the implementation of physical and network security measures.

Because pharmacies deal with such data, they need to abide by HIPAA. PricePro Pharmacy strictly complies with this standard. They won’t share your information with anyone else, even under legal circumstances. They also have strong financial information security measures in place.

That should put you at ease when giving your credit card information during orders. PricePro will ensure your credit card or bank account info will remain safe with them.

Satisfied PricePro Canadian Pharmacy Reviews from Actual Customers

The best Canadian pharmacies earn good reviews from actual customers. PricePro Pharmacy receives these many-starred reviews on a consistent basis. Many rave about their helpful customer service, low prices, and easy ordering process. They have 4.8/5 – STAR rating on Google.

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Up to 80% Discounts on Prescription Medications

Because PricePro Canadian Pharmacy sources the most affordable drugs, you can save from 50% to 80% on discounts. Take its branded, Canada-made Cialis 20 mg, for instance. Four tabs of the ED drug will only cost you $105, or $26.25 per tablet.

Now, compare that with the average U.S. price of about $41 per tablet of the same drug and dose. For four tablets, you’ll pay $59 more, which can get you two more if you buy from PricePro Canadian Pharmacy.

What’s more, the bigger the quantity of meds you buy, the more savings the online pharmacy would give you. Get the 24-tablet supply from the same Canadian Cialis brand and dose from PricePro Pharmacy, and you can save up to $60. With U.S. prices, it’ll be over $400 more expensive.

Availability of Generic Drugs

PricePro Pharmacy also offers generic drugs with its full-service pharmacy. Generics work almost exactly like their branded counterparts but have much lower prices. Buying generics from online pharmacies saves you even more money when ordering online.

Let’s use Ventolin inhaler as an example.

Buy it from the U.S., and you pay about $57. PricePro’s branded offer costs $40 for 200 doses. That’s a considerable $17 savings, especially for households with more than one asthmatic.

You can save even more if you get the generic version from the Canadian pharmacy. The lowest-priced Ventolin they have is $20 for 200 doses. That’s 65% cheaper than the prices offered in U.S. brick and mortar pharmacies.

All the medications PricePro Pharmacy carries are more affordable than U.S. prices, period. They can save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars a year for all your prescription meds. Consider buying what you need in bulk, like in 90-day supplies, to get even more savings.

PricePro Pharmacy Coupon Code

Their prices are already low, but PricePro Pharmacy also runs many other money-saving deals. You can use coupons when ordering, which can lead to a discounted drug rate or free shipping.

Granted, the pharmacy’s flat rate shipping costs only $9.95. Even if you buy three-months’ worth of supply for one or more meds, you’ll pay only that amount. Looking for a PricePro Pharmacy coupon code? If you type in the EDRUG15 coupon before checking out you can get $15 off your first order to save even more!.

Ordering Made Easy

You can order from PricePro Canadian Pharmacy through their official website, by calling, or through fax.

The easiest and most convenient is through the online portal, as they operate 24/7. This also makes it easier to upload your prescription. You only need to enter the name of the drug, choose the dosage and quantity, and then complete the checkout.

First-time buyers would need to create an account though. The next time you order from PricePro Pharmacy, you’ll use the same account. Also, if you can’t find the medication you want to order, you can email or call them through their toll-free number.

If you don’t have access to the Internet, a phone call order would suffice. Note that their office hours are only between 6 AM and 6 PM PST, Mondays through Fridays. You can call them during Saturdays, but only from 8 PM to 2 PM PST.

You can also fax your orders, but make sure you attach your prescription! Once the PricePro Pharmacy reps receive your message, they’ll process your order.

Your orders and prescriptions should be in English too. The doctor who issued it should have a license to practice in your area.

If you can’t provide a copy of your prescription, provide your doctor’s contact details. PricePro Pharmacy will be the one to contact your physician to request your prescription.

Fast Processing and Shipping

The PricePro Canadian Pharmacy team dedicates itself to processing all orders as soon as possible. In most cases, they complete transactions within the same day. Rarely do they need two to three business days, although that can still happen if the prescription is not submitted in time.

As for shipping, order shipped from Canada and the United Kingdom (UK) typically arrive in 7 to 12 business days from the time they are shipped.  Orders shipped from other locations typically take 10 to 18 business days from the time they are shipped. You will receive an e-mail notification when the medication has been shipped, talk about great customer service.

PricePro Pharmacy is Legit and the More Affordable Choice

PricePro Candian Pharmacy reviews from patients already tell you that they’re legit and reputable. They’ve got the professional license and accreditation too. Plus, they don’t exhibit any of the signs of a rogue pharmacy.

All that proves that this Canadian pharmacy online is one you can trust for your prescription meds. Start saving money on your medications by checking out their lower-priced offers!

Here’s a dedicated review and company information page on PricePro Pharmacy you should check. You’ll also find customer reviews there, coupons, and even FAQs.

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