Floored by Prescription Prices? Learn How to Save Up to 90% By Ordering Online

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Unlike other things, we can’t say no to our prescription drugs. We have a physical need to buy medication, and being frugal doesn’t change that. Unfortunately, this makes it easy for prescription prices to rise.

Going to a large pharmacy will only make things worse — they think they can count on your business and charge you whatever you want. Luckily, there is hope for people trying to avoid the high price of medication.

Online pharmacies and coupons are a great way to avoid being forced to choose between your money and your health. Here’s how.

Rising Prescription Prices

Prescription prices are getting higher and higher in America. While inflation between May 2015 and May 2016 was just one percent overall, it was a whopping ten percent for drugs.

Our drug prices are currently the highest in the world. And this is not slowing down.

People need medications to save their lives. If you’re a working-class parent and have a child with a severe allergy, you can’t afford to see EpiPen’s price go up.

But why are drug prices rising? As with all prices, the answer has to do with supply and demand.

In most instances, a high demand for a product brings up the price. This is counterbalanced by a higher supply, which brings the price down.

For instance, everybody eats eggs. But because there are a number of stores selling a number of different egg brands, the price stays reasonable.

The problem is that most people have little choice when it comes to drug suppliers.

This situation creates what is, in practice, an oligopoly: it means that your lack of choice allows drug companies and pharmacies to charge you as much money as they want.

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There is a way to bring prices down. It involves forcing pharmacies to compete against lower-priced options.

How Online Coupons & Pharmacies Help

It’s obvious how a coupon can make the price of a drug go down. After all, that’s what a coupon does. It can be less obvious how an online pharmacy can reduce the price of prescription drugs.

The answer is simple — unlike the physical world, the net is the most competitive space in terms of price.

Pharmacies online need to compete against every other website. Because of this, it can be nearly impossible to set up the type of oligopoly which has consumed the Canadian pharmacy system.

This is particularly true when you have online pharmacies based on price comparison. With an incentive to get you the best possible deal, you will find that your medication has become incredibly affordable.

Learn More

If you want to get cheap prescription drugs instead of worrying about rising prescription prices, we can help.

Our service is dedicated to comparing the price of medication throughout Canada to make sure you get the best deal possible. We don’t have any reason to overcharge you: instead, we want you to get your drugs as cheaply as possible.

Search with us or use our pharmacy directory to save money while living a healthy life today!

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