Beware: China Is Making Rice From Plastic, Here’s How You Can Spot It…

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Many of us are diligent about what we put in our bodies. We check the food labels to make sure that there is not too much cholesterol, sugar and fat in the food that we eat. Manufacturers are required to provide a list of ingredients that they have in their food. We then decide whether we want to eat the food or not. Consumers have a right to know what they are eating.

However, investigators have found that food is not as safe as many people think it is. In fact, many foods are being made with synthetic materials. Many people are well aware of the fact that manufacturers put synthetic ingredients in their food. Few people know about the synthetic rice that is being made in China and exported to other countries.

Consumers Pay the Price for Chinese Fake Rice

Researchers have found that a fake rice substitute is being made in China. They are producing this fake rice for profit. According to the Korean Times, this fraudulent food is being made from sweet potatoes, potatoes and plastic. The ingredients are mixed together to produce grains. The finished product looks identical to real rice. It also smells like real rice.

The average person in China eats over a pound of rice per day. That is why selling rice in this country can be profitable. The plastic rice is not being sold in the United States. However, it is being sold to other countries. If you are planning a vacation overseas, then you will have to be extra vigilant. There are a few things that you can do to make sure that you do not consume fake rice.

How To Distinguish The Real From The Fake

Here are 4 ways you can distinguish real rice from fake rice…

  • Mold will Develop – You will need to cook a small portion of the rice. Place the rice in the container and leave it on the counter. If mold does not develop within a few days, then it is fake. Mold will develop on real rice.
  • Residue in Water – If you notice a thick layer of residue form on top of the water, while you are boiling your rice there could be a good chance your rice is fake.
  • Fake Rice Floats – You will need to take a tablespoon of rice and put it in water. Observe whether it sinks or swims. If it sinks, then the rice is real. Real rice sinks because it is more dense than fake rice. Fake rice will float to the top.
  • Light it Up – Use a match and put a flame on a small pile of rice. If the rice emits a plastic or sweet potato smell then you’ve got fake rice from China.

Consuming Plastic Rice Can Be Fatal

You can also observe whether the rice is real or fake while it is cooking. If residue forms in the water, then you will need to be concerned. Additionally, you can tell whether rice is fake by lighting it on fire. If the rice is fake, then it will likely have a sweet potato or plastic smell. It will burn the way that plastic is supposed to burn.

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This plastic rice is a health concern. The plastic grains are not designed to be digested, so they can cause serious harm to your digestive system. One study showed that eating three bowls of plastic rice is the same as eating one plastic bag. Consuming fake rice can also be fatal.

Because there is no plastic rice in the United States, the rice that you have in your refrigerator is most likely safe. However, the fake rice is an eye-opener. You can never be too careful when it comes to what you consume. It is important for you to share this information with your loved ones. Everyone has to be vigilant.

This video shows you how to spot plastic rice

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