Pharmacists offer six ways to cut drug costs

In a Saturday blog post, Julie Deardorff of the Chicago Tribune published six money-saving drug tips from Stefanie Ferreri and Jena Ivey, pharmacists and assistant professors at the University of North Carolina. It’s nothing you haven’t read here before, but I’m a firm believer in education through repetition and reinforcement. The tips —

1. Eliminate medicines you don’t need or that don’t work.

2. Don’t be shy about asking for cheaper options.

3. Shop around.

4. Time it right (i.e., buy more pills at once to lower the cost per dose).

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5. Don’t “ask your doctor” for advertised drugs and skip the samples.

6. Literally cut costs (i.e., cut pills in two if the pill can be safely split).

We have a different view about free drug samples, but otherwise the Tribune’s advice is solid. Read the full article here.

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