Pharma reps debate the tough issues: How much cleavage is too much?

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Whenever I stop by the CafePharma message boards, I always regret that I don’t have more time to spend there. I learn so much every time.

Consider this series of exchanges in the “Just for Women” section:

How much cleavage do you ladies like to show the doctors? And if they’re fake, or extra big, do you like to show them off?…

I show as much as it takes to get the business and it works…

sensitive subject. wear camisoles under my suits in the summer because it’s hot. cleavage w/out the jacket? sure. but minimal to nothing with it on…

I am proud of what I have (natural). I always dress (pleasure and work) tastefully, so I have no problem if some cleavage shows. My boss is in his 40’s and has never brought it up to me and I dress no different when he is with me than I do when I am alone. Office girls have even told me they wish they had my figure, so does not seem to be a problem. It is not as if I am trying to sleep with any of my slimy physicians. They have hit on me, but I get hit on all the time, so no big thing. I am a “big” girl and I can deal with it. If I meet a guy physician or not and I am into him, I will let “what happens, happen” No big thing. I am not one to ___ and tell on anyone.

In a related thread, the following hypothetical is posed:

Which is better for docs? Nice [T&A], or good teeth. Trying to figure out which to do first with my bonus. Any ideas girls…

Some of the responses:

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good teeth 1st! People hate to see messed up teeth…

I got breast implants and they have really helped! I spent extra money to get silicone because they feel like real ones and they are back on the market…

Fix the teeth, whiten them professionally, dress professionally, know your stuff and give a good presentation…

Definitely the teeth! I have small breasts but great teeth and have never had a problem. If you have giant breasts, do you think they will pay any attention to what you are saying? I would love to have larger breasts, but in our profession they should be covered. Everyone sees your lovely smile!…

Go for broke and spend the money on a set of implants – don’t listen to the overweight cows who post here and are jealous.

Well, there you have it. We hope you found it educational.

The picture above, by the way, is of an actual drug rep — although we can’t verify that she wears that outfit to work.

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0 thoughts on “Pharma reps debate the tough issues: How much cleavage is too much?

  • Reality is no match for fiction when it comes to the sexiness of female (and male) reps.

    I mean, if your readers think the woman whose photo you show is the norm for pharma sales reps, then I guess they also believe that female CSI people are as hot as the actors they see on CSI: Miami or CSI: Las Vegas.

  • What a hoot! And the “slimy” reference to physicians is a classic. Many of these women look so tasteless when they have come to my office. My staff would get to the point where they would intentionally shoo away the ones who didn’t appear to have any class as shown by the way they dressed. And the smiling phoniness- spare me, okay. Leave the samples and go to someone’s office who may be interested in that kind of stuff. I’m not.

  • Ross Campbell says:

    Plus, let’s be honest, it can be much sexier than something more overt. Subtly is dangerously underrated in our society. Wearing something flattering that is not overly provocative is empowering without inviting the type of confusion that Ross is experiencing.

    Of course, I say confusion but I suspect this student is well aware of how attractive she is to him. She may even be enjoying the attention and tension that ensues. It’s possible she feels that dressing this way gives her advantages and she’s right.

    That said, I really don’t think there’s anything terribly surprising about her behavior. That Ross is confused is natural too.

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