Pfizer sued for promoting partying

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An AIDS organization sued Pfizer Inc. over ads the group says encourage use of Viagra as a party drug. The nonprofit group said such recreational use furthers the spread of AIDS/HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. The suit, filed in Los Angeles by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, calls Pfizer’s ads for the impotence drug false and misleading. The suit echoes allegations made in an ad campaign announced by the group last month.

The nonprofit group alleges the marketing of Viagra has fostered an increase in the spread of STDs. Studies have found the drug is used — illegally — in conjunction with crystal methamphetamine to form a party drug “cocktail.”

DrugWonks is shocked — shocked! — by the charges:

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Drugwonks believes that the combo of crystal meth and Viagra is an off-label use that Pfizer has never promoted. There is no truth to the rumor that the company sought product placement in episodes of Six Feet Under, Entourage or Queer as Folk….

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Wow, maybe Pfizer will begin to tone down its over-the-top DTC ads … Naah! (In fact, Pfizer appears to have the perfect sales team for such off-label uses.)

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