10 Surprising Peppermint Essential Oil Benefits, #9 Will Surprise You!

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Did you know there are a number of peppermint essential oil benefits that can improve your overall health? When you think about peppermint, it’s usually candy canes at Christmas, toothpaste, and chewing gum. But how about organic peppermint essential oil? Not usually.

Peppermint oil for a long time has has been used as a refreshing addition to many foods like ice cream and peppermint-flavored shakes and smoothies!

However, peppermint as an essential oil can be utilized in far more ways than just flavoring a food or drink. Peppermint oil has amazing and revolutionary benefits to your health!

Here’s 10 Surprising Peppermint Essential Oil Benefits:

This essential oil especially, is one of the best choices for promoting optimal health and can be used as a natural remedy to many common ailments.

1.) Dental Care

We all know that many kinds of toothpaste promote a peppermint ingredient in their product, but nearly all of do not have a peppermint essential oil as an ingredient.

But, a pure “organic” peppermint essential oil has an antiseptic element that alleviates oral bacteria from growing and eliminates halitosis, otherwise known as bad breath. Dr. Mercola recommends adding two drops of peppermint essential oil to your toothpaste.

2.) Repels Insects

You have probably given up at times and fled for the indoors on a hot and humid summer day when mosquitoes are so relentless you feel like you’re being eaten alive!

Try adding organic peppermint essential oil to a spray bottle filled with water. It is a natural bug repellent to alleviate annoying mosquitoes, ants, and even spiders. Spray the area that is overrun with insects and it will deter them for hours!

3.) Healthier Skin

Whether it is dry and hot weather or the cold and bitter winter season, many of us have times during the year where or skin looks duller and drier than other times. Or maybe you have an ongoing issue with dry patches on your skin or that glow is gone from your face that you used to have all the time.

According to the Organic Facts website, peppermint essential oil actually helps with oily skin. For any of the skin issues, peppermint essential oil can help. According to the website Healthy Focus, it is an organic nourisher that works on improving the texture of your skin, especially issues with oily skin.

Acne can also be an ongoing issue that peppermint essential oils can help to reduce. Manufacturers of chopsticks have even been known to add peppermint essential oil to their product in order to alleviate chapped lips!

According to a study from the National Center Biotechnology Information (NCBI), peppermint essential oil, were found to be effective against 22 different strains of bacteria. The peppermint essential oils also have cooling properties, which can relieves many other skin conditions including soothing itchy skin due to exposure to poisonous plants like ivy and oak.

4.) Alleviates Pain

There are too many pain relief pills, gels, and other medicines on the market to mention, and nearly all of them actually contain menthol. So, why not go right to the natural source for menthol and use a peppermint essential oil instead to help with pain?

This includes additional help with sore and aching muscles by adding organic peppermint essential oil to a massage session. You can also put a drop or two on each temple and gently rub it in to alleviate a particularly painful tension headache or use on joint areas to relieve inflammation and pain.

5.) Respiratory Problems

We have all had a dreaded cold a time or two and tried to get rid of it quickly by buying Vick’s Vapor Rub and using it around our nose to relieve congestion and open up our nasal passages so we could breathe! But did you know that peppermint essential oil is actually stronger than products such as this?

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Peppermint oil will not only minimize issues with congestion and a stuffy nose, but it will work on your respiratory system and reduce inflammation and help with infections in your upper respiratory area!

6.) Nourish Damaged Hair

You now know what many medical, as well as salon professionals, know about peppermint essential oils and that is that it is a secret weapon to healthier hair. Dr. Axe recommends adding 3 drops of peppermint essential oils to any brand of shampoo or hair conditioner to help stimulate your scalp tissue and hair follicles as well as minimize problems with dandruff.

7.) Helps to Reduce a Fever

Taking a pill every three hours as your fever goes up and down for days has been the most common remedy for reducing fevers. But peppermint essential oil, which has cooling properties in its menthol to help your body cool down, and is the best natural alternative to help with reducing a fever.

Just take a jar of coconut oil and add several drops of peppermint essential oil to it. Then, rub it on the soles of your feet and feel as your fever begins to reduce.

8.) Relief from Stomach Pain

The most well-known remedy to relieve stomach discomfort and even pain is peppermint oil. It has been taken, usually in the form of peppermint tea oil for over 200 years for issues with nausea, bloating, and to alleviate indigestion. And according to Dr. Mercola, it is considered to be a natural and safe substitute for medicines when you have problems with colonic spasms.

This is because the menthol property in organic peppermint essential oil is actually two times stronger in an oil form than in any other peppermint product.

So, peppermint works on reducing the muscle spasms, and it is twice as strong in the organic essential oil form! Dr. Mercola explains that peppermint oil can also help you with chronic irritable bowel syndrome disease.

9.) Chronic Gastric Conditions

If you suffer from gastric emptying conditions, then peppermint essential oil can be your organic solution to what ails you. A study from the National Center Biotechnology Information (NCBI) shows that peppermint oil in its natural form with help improve gastric functions and reduce issues with this disease.

10.) Energy Boost & Stress Relief

The go-to oil for problems with stress has usually been lavender. But now you can consider a better option to reduce your stress level and re-energize you when you use peppermint essential oil instead.

It also has properties in its menthol that will promote better concentration and clarity in your thinking process at work and anywhere that you may be having a particularly low energy day and need a boost! According to the health and wellness website Young Living, just adding a few drops to the palm of your hand does the job!

Do you know more benefits of peppermint essential oil?

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  • LOVE peppermint oil! I’ve used it for so many of the situations you’ve listed above, but I only learned just recently about its bug-repelling properties. It REALLY does work!!!!

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