10 Unexpected Orange Peel Benefits to Improve Your Everyday Life

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As you may know, citrus fruits are very good for you, and oranges are a type of citrus that are filled with Vitamin C. Unfortunately, you might be wasting the orange peels.

Before you toss out a perfectly useful orange peel, look at these ten unexpected orange peel benefits to improve your life and health.

1.) Cleanse Your Skin

Are you desperate for the clean look of freshly brightened skin? Bellatory recommends making use of an orange’s natural nutrients by making an orange peel powder, then mixing that powder to honey and yogurt. After mixing thoroughly, apply to your face.

2.) Complete Exfoliation

The combination of Vitamin C and Ascorbic Acid found in orange peels helps to firm the skin and may result in a more even tone for your skin. Total Beauty suggests wrapping your orange peel in cheese cloth or a gauze before scrubbing your body with it.

3.) Use to Reduce Anxiety

Smelling an orange may have a powerful smoothing effect upon you, according to Beyond Anxiety and Depression. They recommend covering your orange peel with water in a saucepan.

You may then bring the water to a simmer. Smelling the scent directly from the saucepan while it is on the stove may work, but you might wish to pour the peel and orange water into a bowl.

4.) Make Orange Peel Tea

The first step in creating orange peel tea is leaving the peels out so that they can dry for several days. Living Awareness also recommends storing them in a jar after they turn crisp from the air exposure.

At this point, you can make tea with the peels. This healthy tea serves as a cough suppressant and is believed to lower blood pressure.

5.) Add Zest to Your Menu

By using Bon Appetit‘s website, you will be able to find a number of ways to incorporate the unique bright taste of the orange zest into your daily menus.

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The zest adds a special taste to any of the following types of foods:

  • breads
  • sauces
  • fried foods
  • vinaigrettes
  • pasta dishes

6.) Keep Mosquitoes Away

Nothing interferes with outdoor plans quite like the disease-carrying pests that love to drink your blood. Fortunately, Natural Society suggests using orange peels as a natural repellent against mosquitoes if you are prone to the insects’ bites. To apply, simply rub the peel against your skin.

7.) Add to Your Smoothies

Dr. Mercola states that the peel contains a larger amount of the very same vitamins and nutrients found within the rest of the orange. The best way to enjoy the peel without having to deal with the bitter taste is to wash the peel thoroughly and then throw it into a blender. Add your favorite berries for a nutritious smoothie.

8.) Make Your Plants Pet Proof

Cats are normally curious creatures, and household kitties typically attempt to munch the leaves of the family plants. Prevention suggests simply chopping up the rind of an orange before depositing it onto the plants’ soil to keep the kittens away.

9.) Create Your Own Essential Oil

The usage of an orange essential oil may reduce coughing and muscle cramps while also lightening your mood. OneHowTo suggests that you follow these steps to make your own essential oil instead of buying it from the store:

  • Remove peel and discard all skin and white coating.
  • Place clean orange peel in a jar.
  • Cover orange peel with vodka.
  • Close lid tightly and shake the jar firmly.
  • Store jar for at least a week and shake daily.
  • Start checking the smell of the jar’s contents after one week. When it no longer smells like alcohol, your oil is ready for use.

10.) Retain Your Brown Sugar’s Moisture

According to Prevention, an orange peel prevents brown sugar from forming clumps. Simply place a peel on top of your brown sugar in order to reap the moisture benefits.

Did these orange peel benefits work for you?

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