This is the Safest Way to Buy Online Medication from a Trusted Pharmacy

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Buying your online medication can save you money. It is also convenient to have your medications delivered to your door. There are hundreds of online pharmacies that offer deep discounts on prescription drugs.

Canadian pharmacies sometimes offer the best discount. Though, there are impostor companies who claim to be Canadian but are not.

Legitimate pharmacies that abide by the same regulations as your neighborhood drug store. But, many are not reputable. It is up to you to recognize the difference.

According to the World Health Organization, fifty percent of online medications is counterfeit.

Here are the steps you can take to be sure that your online medication is coming from a reputable provider.

1.) Verify That The Pharmacy Is Valid

Do not trust an online pharmacy license that is not properly licensed or verified.

U.S. Pharmacies

If you are buying from a U.S.-based pharmacy, be sure that the online pharmacy is licensed in your state. The National Association of Boards of Pharmacies (NABP) has a list of licensed online pharmacies.

Pharmacies on that list follow state and federal regulations for dispensing of medications. These websites will have the Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites(TM) (VIPPS) seal.

Canadian and International Pharmacies

Canadian pharmacies often have very affordable prices for medication. The pharmacy should have accreditation from their home country. They should also be accredited by third-party organizations.

In fact, our own rigorous approval process includes information from organizations like the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA), Internet Mail-Order Pharmacy Accreditation Commission (IMPAC), Manitoba International Pharmacists Association (MIPA), and the National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA).

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Note: Many illegitimate pharmacies claim to be Canadian but are not. These are sometimes called rogue pharmacies. This makes validating a pharmacy all the more important.

2.) Verify that the Transactions are Secure

Purchasing online medication requires you to enter your personal health and payment information. So you should see a secure checkout option. Look for the “S” in the website address. It should begin with “https:/”.

Also, read the website’s privacy policy. You want to be sure they won’t give out your Social Security number, health information, or credit card.

3.) Verify the Pharmacy’s Contact Information

Online pharmacies provide the same services as local ones. They should provide contact information on their websites, including a phone number. Call the number and see what you hear on the other end of the line. It should be correct and easy to reach a representative.

4.) Verify That The Pharmacy Requires An Online Medication Prescription

If you find a pharmacy that does NOT need a prescription, beware. No reputable pharmacy will dispense medication without a prescription from your doctor.

Ready To Price Compare Online Medication?

Now you understand how to spot a rogue pharmacy and a verified online pharmacy. Why not price shop a bit to see if purchasing your medication online can save you money?

For example, Prilosec is a common medication for heartburn and acid reflux. Take a look at the price comparisons.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about online pharmacies, please let us know in the comment section below.

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