New Stem Cell Treatment to “Turn Off” Type 1 Diabetes

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Type 1 diabetics are frustrated with injecting themselves on a daily basis. What if there was a cure for this disease? This would mean a lot to the millions of sufferers. No more daily injections.

Research Breakthrough

Type 1 diabetes sufferers may get the opportunity to stop injecting themselves on a daily basis. It probably feels weird to stick oneself every day with a needle. This promising breakthrough is a sigh of relief. After extensive research, MIT has managed to make it possible for an individual suffering with Type 1 diabetes to restore insulin in his or her body for a much longer period.

In a healthy person, his or her body is capable of producing enough insulin to protect itself from high blood sugar levels. On the other hand, a Type 1 diabetic’s body is incapable of producing enough insulin to slow down a rise in blood sugar levels. Their immune system goes on the attack and destroys the cells that produce the insulin that the body needs.

The research promises Type 1 diabetes sufferers the ability to get a transfusion of stem cells every few years. According to the researchers, they have not done any trials on humans, only on animals. In a few years, that will be possible, however.

Expectations Are High

Researchers are very optimistic about the results thus far. They are in the process of developing the technology for clinical trials in the hopes of giving Type 1 diabetes sufferers the chance of a cure. Patients will have a new pancreas that will guard itself against the immune system. Consequently, Type 1 diabetics will be able to control their blood sugar levels without the need for any drugs or injecting themselves on a daily basis.

In Type 1 diabetics, the pancreas has stopped producing insulin altogether. The pancreas helps to regulate blood glucose levels. If one’s blood sugar level is too high, it may damage the organs in the body. Due to this condition, Type 1 diabetics must test their blood sugar levels on a daily basis by pricking their fingers and draw blood. They can also use a glucose monitor. If Type 1 diabetics do not keep their blood sugar levels under control, they could lose their legs or go blind.

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The MIT researchers are hopeful that after Type 1 diabetics get the transfusion of stem cells, their body will immediately start to produce insulin and maintain a healthy blood glucose level. This means that Type 1 diabetics would not have to get daily insulin shots.

In conclusion, Type 1 diabetics should be hopeful. They do not have to worry about the day-to-day inconveniences of injecting themselves. Their body will finally be able to produce sufficient insulin to maintain a healthy blood glucose level. Clinical trials will be starting fairly soon. This should be a sigh of relief for all sufferers.

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Stem Cell Treatment "Turns Off" Type 1 Diabetes

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