10 Natural Spider Repellents That Get Rid Of Spiders Without Harsh Chemicals

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Since we’ve had some serious weather lately a natural spider repellent sure could come in handy!

This means that spiders, who live outside, may become more likely to make their way inside our home.

When spiders make their webs in your home, they can cause problems.

10 Amazing Natural Spider Repellents

Here are the  top 10 natural spider repellents to keep these creepy critters at bay.

1.) Cedar

Spiders hate cedar.

If you have spiders in your closet, Natural Living Ideas suggests putting a cedar chest or hangers in your closet to keep the spiders away.

The site also suggests putting cedar bark in your drawers, cabinets, and closets to keep spiders out of your home.

2.) Citrus

Natural Living Ideas says spiders hate the smell of citrus.

Rub citrus peels on your baseboards, windowsills, and bookshelves to keep spider away.

You can even use lemon-scented furniture polish to keep spiders away.

3.) Tobacco

Spiders don’t like the smell of tobacco, which means it is good at keeping spiders out of your home.

Oh Simply suggests mixing tobacco and water in a spray bottle and spraying it around the entrances to your home to keep spiders away.

4.) Saltwater

Salt is a natural spider killer.

Common Sense Homesteading says you can make your own natural spider killer by putting 1/8 cup of salt in one gallon of warm water.

Pour the saltwater into a spray bottle.

Spray the saltwater on spiders or spider nests to kill them.

Having spiders in your home can cause problems.

Keep spiders away from your home by using the ideas listed here.

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5.) Chestnuts

Common Sense Homesteading suggests placing chestnuts around the outside of your home, on windowsills, and under furniture to keeps spiders away.

6.) Cinnamon

Common Sense Homesteading says sprinkling cinnamon around the outside of your home keeps spiders away.

7.) Coconut Oil

Oh Simply suggests mixing one part coconut oil and two parts water in a spray bottle and spraying it around your home to keep spiders away.

8.) White Vinegar

White vinegar has many uses around the house.

White vinegar is good for keeping spiders away, says Natural Living Ideas.

Fill a spray bottle with water and white vinegar, and spray it in all the cracks in your home to keep spiders away.

9.) Peppermint & Dish Soap

Put one tablespoon peppermint essential oil, one teaspoon dish soap, and three cups of water into a spray bottle.

Shake well. Spray this mixture around your home.

According to eHow Home, while this mixture is great for keeping spiders away, it will not kill them.

10.) Peppermint Essential Oil

Common Sense Homesteading suggests dipping cotton balls in peppermint essential oil and placing them outside or under your home.

One drop of peppermint essential oil is enough to kill a spider.

Do not to get the oil on your clothes, skin, or wood.

Keep the oil out of the reach of children.

How to Make Natural Spider Repellent

Did this natural spider repellent work for you?

Pease share your results in the comments below.

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