Natural career progression: from Hooters to pharma sales rep

I found it odd to stumble upon what is apparently a running column in the Lakeland (FL) Ledger called “Bartender Spotlight.” That’s right — it’s a series of profiles of local bartenders.

I also found it interesting that the bartender the Ledger profiled on Thursday was 21-year-old Ashley Von Heal from “Hooters at 3400 US 98 North.”

What I found highly predictable, however, is what Ashley wants to do for a living. Here’s the relevant excerpt:

A marketing and sales major, she’d eventually like to become a pharma sales rep. Why pharmaceutical sales?

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“I can make pretty good money, plus I want to be able to travel while I’m still young.”

Look, we’ll say it again — we have absolutely nothing against attractive young women like Ashley. But as long as the pharma cheerleader trend continues unabated, we feel the need to point these things out.

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0 thoughts on “Natural career progression: from Hooters to pharma sales rep

  • Sometimes you just can’t fight prevailing forces. Folks like Ashley win, because their primary needs are met, money and travel. Pharma wins, because I’m guessing that pharma cheerleaders are highly effective in what they do.

  • I find it interesting that this blog is so stereotypical that it assumes that the only thing this girl has to offer are her looks. More likely than not, she is an extremely personable individual which make the best sales representatives for any product.

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