Natural Blackhead Removal: Easily Unclog Your Pores With These 7 Remedies

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Blackheads are frustrating, embarrassing, and difficult to remove. A popular myth about the cause of blackheads is that they are due to dirty skin.

However, a build-up of dead skin cells and extra oil is the actual cause. Since most people believe blackheads are a result of dirt on the skin, many people try to get rid of them by washing their face too much.

This approach can actually lead to more blackheads since over-washing dries out the skin and encourages more pore-clogging oil to form.

7 Best Natural Blackhead Removal Remedies

Fortunately, the following seven natural blackhead removal remedies can help your skin look fresh and clear—fast. As with anything, you should be careful not to use these remedies too often.

Unless the instructions describe a different recommendation, these methods are meant to be used about two to three times per week in addition to your regular skincare routine.

1.) Baking Soda

Baking soda is an easy to find and affordable (only pennies per serving) item that has many uses. In addition to being important in many baking recipes, baking soda’s alternative uses also include a variety of home beauty remedies.

An especially good way to use baking soda in your beauty routine is as an exfoliator (meaning it works to scrub away dead skin cells). With regular use, baking soda helps balance the pH level of the skin so it produces less oil.

To make this blackhead removal remedy:

  • Mix a small amount of water with about a tablespoon of baking soda until it forms a paste
  • Gently massage the mixture into your skin using circular motions
  • Continue massaging for a couple of minutes
  • Rinse your face completely using cool water

2.) Bentonite Clay

Bentonite clay is a popular ingredient in a wide range of home remedies. This clay contains minerals and nutrients that help nourish the skin while pulling out excess oil.

To make your own Bentonite clay mask:

  • Mix one tablespoon of clay with water (or apple cider vinegar) until a thick paste is formed
  • Apply a thick layer of the paste to your skin
  • Allow it to completely dry
  • Rinse well and follow up with a moisturizer

3.) Milk & Nutmeg

Milk mixed with nutmeg is another option for treating blackheads. Nutmeg exfoliates the skin while milk, which contains lactic acid, eliminates extra skin cells.

To make this home remedy for blackheads:

  • Mix milk and nutmeg until they form a thin paste
  • Using small circular motions, scrub your skin for several minutes (be sure to focus on the areas that have the most blackheads)
  • Rinse well with cool water

4.) Lemon Juice Toner

Lemon juice works as a powerful, affordable toner that unclogs pores and clears away dead skin cells. Even better, the Vitamin C in lemon juice helps prevent acne scars from forming. All the health benefits of lemon have yet to be discovered.

Here’s how to make your own:

  • Use a gentle cleanser to wash your face
  • Apply lemon juice using a cotton ball to affected areas
  • Let it dry for around 10 minutes
  • Rinse completely

If you have sensitive skin, try diluting it with a bit of water. If desired, you can do this treatment every day.

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5.) Egg White Pore Strips

There are a variety of pore strips available in stores but it is possible to make your own at home using only an egg and some toilet paper.

To prepare this natural blackhead remedy:

  • In a small bowl, separate the egg white from the yolk
  • Spread a thin layer of egg white on the areas you wish to treat
  • Cover the egg white layer with strips of toilet paper
  • Apply slight pressure to the toilet paper to make it stick to the egg white underneath
  • Apply a second layer of egg white on top of the strip of toilet paper
  • Allow the mixture to dry
  • Once dried, peel away the strips
  • Rinse your face completely using cold water
  • Apply a thin layer of your favorite moisturizer

This remedy is particularly helpful for oily skin. As a bonus, the egg white contains protein that can improve the overall appearance of skin and help prevent wrinkles.

6.) Milk & Gelatin Powder

A mixture of gelatin powder and milk is another excellent way to clear out your pores.

This natural blackhead removal is simple and quick to create:

  • Mix one tablespoon each of gelatin powder and milk
  • Put the mixture in the microwave for around 10 to 12 seconds
  • Once it is cooled off enough, apply a thin layer to affected areas using a face sponge or cotton ball
  • Let it dry completely
  • Remove the mixture and rinse your face with water

You can use this process daily if you would like.

7.) Gentle Cleansers & Moisturizers

Although exfoliating the skin and using toners can be beneficial for blackheads, using them too much can dry out the skin. Sometimes it is best to use a simple approach.

Consider washing your face with a gentle cleanser (or simply using cool water) twice per day. Apply a moisturizer to help prevent your skin from drying out and producing too much oil.

Final Thoughts

Although blackheads are stubborn and difficult to eliminate, these seven methods should help promote clearer skin. Try testing out several of the simple home remedies and seeing which ones work best for your skin type.

Moisturizing and cleansing with gentle products along with using the methods mentioned above on a regular basis can help make a noticeable difference in the appearance of your skin.

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