How to Treat Muscle Pain and Soothe Sore Muscles Naturally

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Are you looking for an all-natural muscle pain remedy that works great? Muscle pain and aches result from too much tension, stress, strain, or injury. Muscle soreness is a result of tiny tears that take place in the muscle mass due to overexertion.

When your muscle aches, you don’t usually need to go to a hospital to be treated. There are many muscle pain remedies that you can do from the comfort of your own home.

Discover Your Favorite Muscle Pain Remedy

Here are a few cheap and easy muscle pain remedies that will help soothe and treat your muscle pain in no time.

1.) Fish Oil

Increased levels of omega 3 can reduce inflammation in muscles, and reduce any associated pain and soreness. You can get many surprising benefits of fish oil by eating a diet with good amounts of cold water fish (caught in the wild), tree nuts, avocados, seeds or by taking a fish oil supplement.

2.) Epsom Salt

A hot bath or shower can do wonders for your sore muscles. After a long and strenuous day at work, you can add a cup of Epson salt into your bath tab. Epsom salt helps alleviate muscle pain and prevent your muscles from swelling since it contains magnesium sulfate. Be sure to stock up because there are many alternative Epsom salt uses and benefits we have found.

3.) Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is known for its more than a thousand uses and powerful health benefits. Coconut oil is a product that can also be used to massage your body including your sore muscles. When applied, coconut oil helps prevent muscle spasms and cramps.

4.) Drink Coffee

A vast majority of nutritionists in the world suggest that you should take two cups of coffee before engaging in any rigorous activity. Coffee is a recipe that helps refresh your muscles after a workout session. Also, coffee provides your body with sufficient glycogen and energy for quick muscle repair. It is interesting to know what happens to your body after you drink a cup of coffee.

5.) Use Arnica Gel

Arnica gel is a product easily applied to sore muscles. It helps reduce swellings in affected muscles by draining excess fluids present in them. Arnica can also be taken orally as a supplement if you experience severe muscle pain.

6.) Adequate Sleep

Whenever your muscles ache, you are advised to take a good rest. It is during your sleeping phases that worn out body muscles get repaired. According to the National Sleep Foundation, you are advised to spare between seven and nine hours for sleep alone. An adult, however, should not sleep for less than seven hours per day.

If you have a sleep disorder and are struggling with issues during sleep, click here to learn how to fix all your sleep disorders with science or you may want to add these 5 plants to your bedroom to help with insomnia.

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7.) Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne Pepper is a compound, rich in capsaicin and that has been in use as a home remedy for pain over the years. Cayenne pepper has even been known to stop a heart attack. Capsaicin works by inhibiting your brain’s neurotransmitters, such that you can no longer feel any pain for some time.

Cayenne Pepper does not function well single handed but as a concoction. It works perfectly well when mixed with coconut oil or olive oil that is then left exposed to the sun for two weeks. When the blend is used to massage your sore muscles, you become very vulnerable to an instant relief.

8.) Massage Therapy

It is always good to have your body receive a massage once in a while. However, this mainly depends on your ability to afford a masseuse. If you cannot hire one, you can request your spouse or partner to massage you. You may want to have them manage you with frankincense essential oil due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

If you do not have someone to give you a massage, then use a couple of tennis balls to help relieve pain or trying some yoga poses will do wonders for you. Massage therapy helps reduce muscle pain by soothing your muscles.

9.) Muscle Stretching

Presently, doctors discourage people from stretching during body exercise sessions. Experts strongly recommend you to warm up before you begin your workouts. However, stretching is the perfect remedy for sore muscles and help you prevent muscle cramps.

10.) Drink More Water

Sore muscles come about whenever you exercise your body while you are dehydrated. Thus, it is advisable that you consume at least five glasses of water before exercise. The increased water levels in your body will help replace water lost through sweating thus preventing your muscles from getting cramps. There are many benefits of drinking warm water, drinking alkaline water, ,adding lemon to your water and even drinking water from a copper vessel.

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