Moses and the Origin of the Medicine Symbol

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  • Jeanice ClarkMelvin says:

    I am so happy to see this on the internet. I was reading Numbers 21 and saw this truth, and recalled this is where the medicine symbol originated…excellent. To God be the Glory!

  • Unfortunately although as a believer I want this to be a fact – it is not. All of the histories of this symbol actually say it is from Greek mythology. The single snake on a staff being from the healing god Asclepius’ staff and the double snake with wings being from the staff of Hermes. The single snake being the dominant symbol. This was actually pointed out to me by one of my bible students(!) which I confirmed. I still believe there is a very good chance that the development of the myth originated with the true account in Numbers 21:8-9.The account in Numbers being written long before any such god came into existence in the mythologies. Note: and referred to as a type of looking to Him in faith by our Lord (John 3:14).

    • I agree that the Medial field did not get their symbol from the situation in Numbers at all. If you read the Hippocratic oath you will see that the oath is not to the God of heaven at all but to the Greek gods. Apollo’s, Asclepius,….
      I too wish it were but like Rudy said earlier, in 2 Kings 18:3-4 Hezekiah did what was RIGHT in the sight of the Lord, he removed the high places, and broke down the wooden images AND broke in pieces the bronze serpent that Moses had made; for until those days the children of Israel burned incense to it and called it Nehushtan.

  • This is great to know I ran into it trying to help my daughter with her homework. I can’t understand how doctors can’t believe in miracles when they are using a GREAT symbol of GODS miracles.
    Thank you I will pass this down.

  • Brother, this is a good start…the only thing that bothers me is that you end it with “it wasn’t the symbol that saved them, but their belief” in it. Also, you didn’t give the whole story.

    Yes, the serpent was lifted up. To receive healing, you must “look and live.” Yes, Jesus said, “even as the serpent was lifted up in the wilderness, so must I be” and “I will draw all men unto me.” But you forgot the part where “He became sin for us, who knew no sin.” Truth is, the serpent on the pole represents Christ on the cross AS THE SERPENT. As Sin. As all our sins were laid on Him, He became the serpent. Then he killed it, and buried it, and left it buried when He arose in newness of life. We aren’t saved/freed from sin just because we believe we can be as we look at the symbol. And neither was the Jewish nation in the wilderness. They were saved because that was a (pre)view of the eternal truth of the crucifixion. We are saved because of the absolutely complete work of Christ who went so far as to become sin, so far that He experienced being cut off from the Father at that moment, as a holy God could not look upon that sin. We receive that salvation through belief, but our belief is not the greatest thing, His Work Is.

  • I saw a video of a christian sister fasting for 40 days and she said the snakes were the parasite or “disease” that causes illness. tapeworms would be an example. God said in Genesis that the herbs are for the healing. I like your meaning a lot better but I also question whether we are being attacked through these parasites, snakes, worms that are placed in us through processed foods and medication, which prevents people from being healthy and more connected with God. What are your thoughts. Thank you for this information.

  • So… guess what? It’s not a staff, guys, or a pole. The symbol now is a snake wrapped around a TORCH. A TORCH. That has nothing to do with the story in Numbers. The Luciferian elites who control the medical and pharmaceutical industries worship SATAN, not Jesus. They are masters of deception. They believe in a reversal of the story of the Garden of Eden, a version in which God is the villain and Lucifer is the hero. Lucifer literally means “light bearer.” The Luciferians who control the medical and pharamceutical industries believe that Lucifer came to bring light and freedom to the human race and to save us from God’s tyranny. Make no mistake. That symbol is not biblical, or even mythological, in origin. It is purely Luciferian. It is Satanic.

    Please understand that the current medical and pharmaceutical industries are designed in such a way so as to keep the masses sick and dependent upon their system, so that they remain rich and in control. Their toxic vaccines and synthetic pharmaceutical drugs only cause harm to the population. As believers, we are called by God to not participate in their system. We don’t need their vaccines or their drugs to be healthy. It’s the blood of Christ and His resurrection power that heals us.

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