Mommy bloggers offer money-saving tips on prescription drugs

Leave it to some excellent “mommy bloggers” to come up with tips on saving on prescription drugs that I was unaware of.

Freebies 4 Mom reports on Publix and Meijer offering free antibiotics:

“Free prescription drugs? Did you know that some supermarket/drugstore chains have started offering this free public service recently?

Noelle inspired me to start writing this post, she wrote this:

‘I am a mom of 2mo twins and three year old! I love Freebies 4 Mom and check the site EVERY day and enjoy getting fun stuff in the mail that benefits my family. THANK YOU! I live in Florida and Publix supermarkets offers free antibiotics at any time. I just got my free amoxicillin for my daughters ear infection! I was thrilled. I just handed them my RX, they did not ask for any insurance card and they handed me the medicine. They offer many different kinds of antibiotics for free. Now that is a great freebie!’ -Noelle

Allison also wrote me about Meijer offering free prenatal vitamins for soon-to-be moms and free antibiotics in all of its 181 pharmacies.

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‘Meijer Stores are now offering free prenatal vitamins (similar to free antibiotic programs)! I thought this might be a good freebie to pass along to your readers-I know I’m going to hit it up! Love your website.’ -Allison”

Amy of posts on how she got by without prescription drug coverage by trying alternative remedies and using a variety of methods to save money on her prescriptions.”

Great stuff.

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  • I knew about the free antibiotics programs at several stores but was unaware that any were giving free pre-natal vitamins. That is an even better deal to me since the vitamins are often more expensive than the antibiotics and have to be taken for much longer time periods.

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