Medi-Share: A Viable Alternative to Obamacare

Obamacare has dominated the media as a complete debacle. With millions of Americans suffering from dropped insurance plans and struggling to find a solution in compliance with the Affordable Care Act’s deadlines and to provide for their medical needs, the whole situation is daunting and disheartening. Medi-Share is a viable and affordable solution to opt out of Obamacare for those who profess and live a faith-filled life with Jesus Christ as your personal Savior. For those interested, the program is well worth serious consideration.

A Truly Unique System

Those interested in Medi-Share first need to be aware of one key fact: Participation in the program is only an option for those living a Christian faith. The reason is simply that qualifying is based upon lifestyle choices in line with principles of that faith as they can and do relate to medical and health decisions. The intention is not exclusivity. Odds are someone who is not of the Christian faith would not be interested in how the program works.

Medi-Share is not the same as traditional insurance, in fact it’s not insurance at all. Members pay a monthly share. The whole idea is grounded in the Biblical teaching that the Church, being the Body of Christ, cares for the needs of other members. Every “share” is used to pay for medical expenses other members are faced with.

A Word on Routine Care

Routine care may be eligible for a discount through the program, but not full coverage. Preventative care is handled similarly. The reason is rooted in the belief that as good stewards of God’s provisions in life, routine care is expected and thus a known need to be prepared for, not an entitlement. Sharing is intended more for unforeseen emergencies that represent true financial duress.

The Benefits

When a truly unexpected medical need arises, Medi-share’s members take care of it. Real people contribute toward each other’s needs. Aside from the fulfillment of knowing money is going toward actual needs, monthly shares are cheaper than the majority of insurance options available. According an article featured on “The Christian Post,” the average contribution per family is below $300.00 every month, (“Christian Health Sharing Programs Exempt From ‘Obamacare’ See Rapid Growth“).

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  • There is true security in the program’s results. Even with supposedly good insurance, a medical emergency can still cost a literal fortune. The system of sharing medical burdens eliminates that horrific possibility
  • Maternity is eligible for sharing, as is adoption for up two per household.

The Program is Stable

Since medical sharing is qualified as congress as being exempt from the insurance mandates in the Affordable Care Act, there is no risk of the program changing or falling flat.

If you happen to be a Christian looking for a viable alternative to opt out of the Affordable Care Act this very well could be your answer. The program offers an opportunity to actually make a meaningful difference in meeting real needs of other people who share a faith in Christ. Ultimately that is the best aspect of being a member of the program. If you are looking for a an affordable alternative, I encourage you to click the “Apply Now” button below to see what Medi-Share can offer you and your family.


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Medi-Share: A Viable Alternative to Opt-Out of Obamacare

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