Medi Share Health Care: A Christian Alternative to Obamacare

Medi share health care is an increasingly popular way for Christians who disapprove of some of the different measures of Obamacare to acquire affordable health care without sacrificing what they believe.

It is essentially a program that allows Christians within the Medi Share health care network to work together to pay for each other’s health care treatment costs. They are able to choose their own doctors and pay premiums that are approximately forty percent less than the premiums that they used to pay.

Medi Share is a ministry of health care, which allows it to avoid being governed by the guidelines set by Obamacare. This means that members who join this health care ministry will not be penalized for not having insurance in 2015.

History and Growth

Medi Share health care was developed in 1993 and has gotten more members to the tune of approximately ten percent more per year. However, after Obamacare was passed, the growth of Medi Share health care networks have increased by more than fifteen percent each year.

There are about 150,000 people total that are a part of the health care ministries, and slightly less than half are part of a Medi Share health care network. In order for a health care ministry to be allowed to be exempt from the guidelines governing health insurance set by Obamacare, the ministry needs to have been operating since 1999.

How To Join Medi Share Health Care

There are several different things that a person must promise in order to be eligible to join a Christian care Medi Share network. Each adult must . . .

  • Profess Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and profess the “Statement of Faith”
  • Attend a fellowship with other believers on a regular basis
  • Share the same conviction to bare each other’s burdens as mention in Galatians 6:2
  • Believe your body is a temple of the Holy spirit and must be kept pure
  • Be a U.S. citizen
  • Not use tobacco or abuse drugs in any form
  • Not engage in sex outside of “traditional” Christian marriage

It is not uncommon for a person to have to have his or her submit a letter of reference affirming that the person in question will be able to uphold his or her promises. These requirements are put inot place in order to keep the Medi Share health care network free of those who do not share the same beliefs.

This type of health ministry does not support lifestyles that are not condoned by the Bible. It discourages premarital sex by not paying for contraception and makes drug using nearly impossible to deal with by not offering substance rehabilitation coverage.

The main advantage to this method is to allow those who are seeking health care to not have to sacrifice what is morally correct in order to pay for treatment.

How Christian Care Medishare Works

When a person has a bill for health care treatment, he or she will submit the bill to the Medishare organization. A panel will look at the bill and determine if it is eligible and falls within the owner of the bill’s plan’s guidelines.

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If it does, the the bill is “shared,” or paid for. If it is not accepted, the owner of the bill is able to appeal it. Approximately 76% of the bills submitted are approved and fully paid for. This makes covering the costs of health care much more affordable.


Medi Share Health Care Savings

In fact, Medishare has saved individuals an average of $945 per year, or 32% of what they would pay otherwise for a regular health care plan.

Medishare has been able to save families 47% of what they would pay for a regular plan, which comes to approximately $2,944 per year. B

ecause Medishare is a not for profit organization, it is dedicated to helping those it serves, rather than making money.

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Medi Share Health Care - Christian Care Medishare

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