Medi-Share, Christian Healthcare and Medical Bill Sharing

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  • I am ready to apply for medi-share today.  How do I go about it from your website to get the $100 Amazon gift card?  I clicked on the link and it took me to the request information page, but I would like to apply.  Thanks!

    • Once you complete the sign up process (by calling and filling out your paperwork) they will send you an email for your FREE $100 Amazon gift certificate. Then just click on the link in the email and PRESTO – your Amazon account will be credited $100!

      I will be writing a follow-up story soon because I’ve been so impressed with all Medi-Share has done for me and my family . . . they are TRULY A BLESSING!

  • Hey Tiffany,

    After you’ve been completely approved by Med-Share you should receive an email with this in the subject line: Medi-Share sent you an Gift Card!

    To redeem it just click on the Amazon button that states: “Redeem Now”

    From there you just login to your Amazon Account and PRESTO – you have a $100 credit!

    Let me know when you receive it.

  • Jennifer Gibbons says:

    Everyone in the country is having issues with healthcare. It is really comforting that someone can help you with your health problems. I really think that Medi-Share offers real benefits to the people.

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