Marks Marine Pharmacy Reviews: Can I Trust Them?

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It is estimated that  50 million Americans don’t have necessary health prescriptions filled due to cost. This need is driving approximately five million American adults to take their business across the border.

While some Americans are physically driving across the border to get their meds, many are purchasing medicine online through pharmacies such as the Canadian-based Marks Marine Pharmacy.  Here medicine can be discounted as high as 80%. Become one of the latest Marks Marine Pharmacy reviews by discovering exactly why you can trust them with your business.

There are horror stories all across the nation on why one American or another is going without critical medication due to cost. One story involves a multiple sclerosis patient who was told his medication would cost as much as $11,000 annually.

It did until he took his business to Canada.

Now a six month supply is costing him only $1,200. These are the same types of stories heard time and time again by Americans leaving Marks Marine Pharmacy reviews.

Can you trust them with your business? Thousands have, and still do.

Marks Marine Pharmacy

What is Marks Marine Pharmacy?

Based in Canada, Marks Marine Pharmacy is not your average online pharmacy. It is a family owned and operated business which has been in business for over 15 years.

Marks Marine Pharmacy has been offering prescription sales to both sides of the border for years. It is conveniently located on the Canadian border in Vancouver.

It is also locally owned by Rob Rosenblatt.  This pharmacist has been serving health care needs for patients for over four decades.

Rob Rosenblatt firmly believes nobody should go without critical medicine due to cost factors. He wants no patient left behind. It is this philosophy that he brings to Marks Marine Pharmacy in Canada and to every single patient he serves.

At Marks Marine Pharmacy patients will find a selection of over 30 thousand medications.  This includes both brand name and generic formulations.

For example, patients wondering whether to buy brand name Cialis or generic tadalafil can get answers at Marks Marine Pharmacy.

All medications are certified and produced by licensed companies to do so. This makes Marks Marine Pharmacy legit and trusted by thousands of patients on both sides of the border. Three pharmacists are available for customers visiting the brick and mortar location.

Why Are Drugs Less Expensive in Canada?

Many Americans turn to Marks Marine Pharmacy in Canada due to the costs of medication in the United States. This is because, typically, many medications are more affordable in Canada due to how they are able to distribute medications.

In the United States, the companies in Big Pharma like to control their profits by controlling what medications are on the market. To purchase brand name Cialis, for example, means you can only purchase that medication from one company.

This means the company can and does charge whatever they want for the cost of that medication. Cialis can run at $50 a dose for that very reason. That is unless Americans find more affordable alternatives through generic medications or online pharmacies.

In Canada, the system of health care is a little bit different as prices of medications are controlled. Canada has a universal health care system in order to ensure that all Canadians have access to health care regardless of costs.

While health care is generally free in Canada for its citizens, medications are not. But the costs are still controlled nationally.

These costs are not controlled in America. This makes prescription medication much more affordable for Canadians, and Americans getting their medications across the border.

Ordering medication online can save as much as 90% of the costs.

Marks Marine Pharmacy

Is Marks Marine Pharmacy Legit and Safe?

Online Marks Marine Pharmacy reviews are a good sign this company is not scamming anybody, or at least there are no public reviews on that. Only one negative review was found, and that review indicated the customer was unhappy their email was answered in all caps.

That review gave no indication that the cost was too high or that the company wasn’t legit.

In over 15 years, Marks Marine Pharmacy has not received any complaints or negative marks with the BBB. Marks Marine Pharmacy has an A+ rating with the BBB, which is a score of 97 to 100 percent points.

That rating can only occur when no complaints have been filed against a company and the company engages in transparent business practices. A business will also receive lower ratings if there are government actions against the company, or the company fails to comply with licensing in their industry.

Marks Marine Pharmacy does not have this problem and the BBB routinely checks these requirements are met on companies in their database.

Marks Marine Pharmacy Benefits

  • Buy DIRECT from a REAL brick and mortar Pharmacy in Vancouver, Canada (not a middle man marketing company!)
  • In business for 20+ years, and experience shipping Insulin successfully for the last 6 years with thousands of happy customers (read online reviews!)
  • Shipped by AIR mail express post, arrives within 3-5 days.
  • Packaged with Styrofoam insulation and surrounded by cold packs (proven to arrive perfectly at full potency).
  • Sent with a Warm Mark sensor to provide insight to temperatures during transit.
  • Canadian Insulin is exactly the same as USA insulin (all brand name).
  • FULL SERVICE – Pharmacists are a phone call away to provide education and guidance, provide suggestions and to make ordering easy.

Marks Marine Pharmacy is a legitimate pharmacy with a verified and verifiable pharmacy license and license number. All its technology online ensures reliable and secure transactions, in requirements that the company is required to update annually.

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This ensures both safety of your information and security of your personal financial information. But it also ensures the personal safety of your health information as well.

Marks Marine Pharmacy is expected to and required to have this additional security information vetted and qualified annually. This means they are being vetted for safety and security once a year, for your own personal safety and peace of mind.

When you visit Marks Marine Pharmacy you’ll see a green address bar on the website. This is the Internet’s way of telling you your transaction is secure and safe.

Every year, Marks Marine Pharmacy is vetted by an unbiased third party to bring this level of security to its customers. A security seal is listed on the website that customers can click on for themselves to bring them this peace of mind.

An online list of Marks Marine Pharmacy safety and security features is also available for customers filling their first prescription with this company.

Filling Prescriptions is Easy

One way you know that Marks Marine Pharmacy is legit is their prescription policies. You should never trust any online pharmacy who does not require a prescription for your medication.

Marks Marine Pharmacy in Canada is not one of those companies. A prescription is required in order to have your order filled, and it will be checked for quality control and verified.

But after that, whether you are a new customer to Marks Marine Pharmacy or a returning one, having your prescription filled is very easy.

New prescriptions can be filled by calling the pharmacy toll free, or by scanning a prescription and emailing it to the company directly. Prescriptions can also be faxed to Marks Marine Pharmacy.

Marks Marine Pharmacy also offers an online secure shopping feature. Here, you can search their database of thousands of medications in advance before filling your order.

Search the database, fill out the form, and submit your order. It’s that easy! Marks Marine Pharmacy also has a fast refill system for returning customers.

You just need to fill out a form and send it in. You can do this online, or by printing and faxing it directly to the company.

Make sure you read these 10 tips for safer prescription drug use before you do.

Marks Marine Pharmacy

The Marks Marine Pharmacy Difference

Previous Marks Marine Pharmacy Reviews

A quick scan of the online databases of Marks Marine Pharmacy reviews shows the company has a wealth of happy customers. Most reviews state costs are a driving factor in sending Americans to this pharmacy.

One customer even said the pharmacist called her directly to go over every single cost, and the medication was still 55% cheaper than American-based products. Words like “outstanding” and “trustworthy” are also words frequently used in online reviews for the pharmacy.

Complete satisfaction coupled with high recommendations are frequent features of online Marks Marine Pharmacy reviews. The company also has a 5-star rating on Facebook, a 4.9-star rating on Google reviews, and over 107 Google reviews to their credit.

Many customers in their online reviews are repeat customers and have been happily using the service for years.

Some customers that have complained have had “multiple orders that have gone perfectly” according to Google Marks Marine Pharmacy reviews. The company is very attentive to online reviews.

They also have a fast response time for any issues cropping up with their service or support.

Discover Why Marks Marine Pharmacy Reviews Work

Pew Research estimates that approximately one in four Americans are going online to compare drug prices.  They also note that as many as 64% of Americans get prescriptions for medication.  But only about 45% actually fill those medicines regularly.

Today’s examinations of Marks Marine Pharmacy reviews reveals cost is a driving factor.  This is sending Americans across the border for their prescriptions.

Marks Marine Pharmacy reviews reveal a satisfied customer base.  This base is happy with both the security and support of their new pharmacy.

It is a pharmacy that hasn’t had a single BBB complaint in its entire history of the business. You can discover this for yourself when you become one of the next Marks Marine Pharmacy reviews with your order today.

Marks Marine Pharmacy

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