Lymphatic Drainage Massage: Clear Your Sinuses Instantly

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A stuffy nose, sore throat and pain around your face and eyes can all mean that your common cold has turned into a miserable sinus infection and you’re in dire need of a lymphatic drainage massage.

A sinus infection, which is also known as sinusitis, occurs when the normally hollow sinuses become blocked with mucus, causing bacteria to build up inside of them.

The next time you feel your sinuses begin to swell during a cold or flu, don’t head for the doctor or medicine cabinet just yet.

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Try one of these three effective, at-home ways to relieve sinus pressure for you or your loved one.

1.) Put Pressure on Your Eyebrows

Pressing firmly on your eyebrows can help relieve the pressure in your sinus cavity, bring instant relief.

Bend your neck forward, place your head gently in your hands while your elbows rest on a table or desk.

Place your fingers on the inner part of your eyebrows and press firmly.

As the pressure shifts, move your fingers onto the middle portion of your eyebrows and then the end.

Finish by moving your fingers in a circular motion at the end of the eyebrows and getting instead headache relief.

The video below demonstrates how to properly apply pressure to your eyebrows in order to clear your sinus infection.

Sinus Points for Drainage & Pressure Relief

2.) Massage for Pain Relief

Everyone knows a massage is a great way to relieve sore muscles and reduce stress.

Giving yourself a targeted acupressu. re mini-massage during a sinus infection can also promote draining and bring pain relief.

First, rub the rounded part, or notch, of your collarbone with firm pressure from your fingers.

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Doing so will promote the mucus to flow out of the sinus cavities.

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Next, form a “V-shape” with your hands and rub the side of your neck in order to further promote drainage.

Check out this video below for a proper demonstration of how to massage your neck to drain the sinuses and lymphatic system.

Self Lymphatic Drainage Massage

3.) Put Your Tongue to Work

Using both your tongue from the inside of the mouth and your fingers on the outside of your sinuses can get them cleared out fast.

To try this method, simply press your tongue as hard as you can on the roof of your mouth for 15 to 20 seconds.

Release and then press your fingers on the skin between your eyebrows for 10 seconds.

Alternate between the two positions until your sinuses have drained and cleared.

Watch this video for a visual demonstration of this method.

How To Clear Your Sinuses In 15 Seconds

Having a sinus infection can be miserable, but it doesn’t have to mean expensive doctor co-pays, prescriptions and over-the-counter medicines.

Try one of these three methods today to clear your sinuses, get relief from the pain and pressure and get over your infection fast.

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