Iodine – A Gorgeous New Website for Drug Information

What Target Did for Rx Bottles, Iodine Does for Organizing Drug Data

The world of prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) drugs can seem big and scary. Whenever a person needs medication for a disease, disorder, or other condition many questions come up. What are the drug options? What are the potential side effects? How much does it cost? Are there less expensive generic alternatives? How does the drug really impact people in their day-to-day lives? Fortunately, the power of the internet has once again made it possible for people to educate themselves and learn from each other. There is a new drug database called Iodine ( that offers users a beautiful and interactive way to view data on the prescription and OTC medications, allowing them to find detailed information about prescription and OTC drugs that they have been prescribed.

Drugs from A-Z

No matter what medications or drugs for which you might be looking for information, the Iodine website will most likely have it. Whether you are looking for information on Aleve or Zoloft, you are likely to find it. Iodine contains information on over 95% of prescription and OTC drugs available in the U.S. So whether you are wondering about Warfarin, the new blood thinner you were prescribed; Crestor, a cholesterol medication you have been taking for a couple of years; Aricept, an Alzheimer’s drug your mother takes; or something as simple as Robitussin, an OTC cough medicine, you will be able to find extensive information on it.

Information Available

The Iodine website offers a wide range of information to the general public, including:

  • The personal experiences of people who have taken a certain drug or a similar drug, based on data form more than 100,000 Americans
  • Cost data from pharmacists, which includes whether a drug is cheaper with or without insurance and whether there is a less expensive generic equivalent
  • An extensive set of data from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on the side effects of over 1100 medications

Iodine also allows people to share their own experiences with the drugs they have taken, which means the average American can contribute to the growing understanding of the effects of drugs in the real world.

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Use the Information Wisely

The Iodine website is free to use and offers Americans a way to educate themselves on the prescription and OTC drugs they take. However, any decisions on whether or not to start or continue taking a drug should always be discussed with your doctor and you should never alter your dosage of medication or stop taking it on your own. If you feel that there is a cheaper or safer alternative to the medication you have been prescribed, then talk with your doctor about it so you can work together to find what works the best for you. When looking to find the lowest prices on the medications you take, please visit, where we have been working closely with trusted online pharmacies for more than seven years to save you money (50-90%) on your prescription medications.

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Iodine - A Gorgeous New Website for Drug Information

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